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Humboldt Area Foundation hides financials in latest organization yearbook

In 2017, Humboldt area Foundation has continued it’s recently developed tradition of subverting . The latest evidence We’d love to show it to you, but it’s not online yet. You can pick one up in person from HAF’s headquarters – … Continue reading

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Pentagon’s West-coast missile defense program could save Humboldt County – from economic catastrophe

THC has been scratching our heads, wondering what in the heck Humboldt County can do to spur economic growth in a time when we so desperately need it. Like most folks, we see tough times ahead when the cannabis economy … Continue reading

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Calaveras County is kicking Humboldt’s ass at processing cannabis permits, and we found the reason why

Here’s some food for thought on the totally f***ed up way that Humboldt County has been processing and issuing commercial cannabis applications over the last year: Total Calaveras County commercial cannabis applications processed and approved – 195. Total of the … Continue reading

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Eureka sets positive tone for zones, but economic disaster still in the forecast

This past Tuesday, the City of Eureka held a “set the tone for your zone” community meeting to gain input from Eurekans about how they envision the future look of the city. There was quite a bit of buzz leading … Continue reading

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What your state government has done for you in 2017: dinosaurs, AIDS, gas taxes, and more

Tackling California’s housing issues, or figuring out a way to attract businesses to our state, or even figuring out the health-care fiasco would have been way too hard for state legislature to accomplish. But the legislature did find some really … Continue reading

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The Auditor-Controller is a jerk, and the Supervisors want his money

This lovely nugget about the operations of the¬† County of Humboldt came to light last week: our Auditor-Controller, Joe Mellett, is an apathetic waste of public funds, and the Board of Supervisors and County Administrative Office are trying to strip … Continue reading

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Humboldt Baykeeper continues proud tradition of predatory lawsuits, defaming organizations

Wouldn’t you know it, Humboldt Baykeeper settled yet another lawsuit with a local business/agency which resulted in a hefty payout for themselves and their lawyers. Long story short, Baykeeper saw an opportunity to make some quick cash and alleged that … Continue reading

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THC’s Two-assed Turkey Awards: Lisa Rossbacher and John Ford

Happy T-Day, THC-heads, and welcome back for another edition of our lovely¬† Turkey Award. THC’s Turkey Award Winners can take pride in their ability to look like humans on the outside, but to actually be as smart and competent as … Continue reading

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Union pressures push Bill Gillespie out as Humboldt Bay Fire Chief?

Bill Gillespie is out as Humboldt Bay Fire Chief, and everyone wants to know why. Was it a conspiracy? Has he suddenly gotten scared of fire? Did he get tired of Kim Bergel’s farts? Is he just looking forward to … Continue reading

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Planning Commissioner Shepherd gets pissy over conflict of interest allegations, “excellent” price on cannabis property

The recent McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee meeting saw a heated exchange between Planning Commissioner and McMAC member Ben Shepherd and a community member after conflict of interest allegations were lobbed at Shepherd. None other than would-be Supervisor Sungnome Madrone was … Continue reading

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