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County Legislative Platform reveals the County wants to make it easier to raise your taxes against an officer

THC was all tucked in last night, reading through the Adoption of 2018 State and Federal Legislative Platforms, which they approved back on December 12th. Let us tell you, we were disappointed to read a few items that the County … Continue reading

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Four Supervisors reject safe injection sites…sort of.

THC was astonished to see that our venerable Supervisors took a united stand against a clearly bullshit policy proposal from the state when we learned that Humboldt’s Supervisors objected to the County’s inclusion in a safe injection program. But then … Continue reading

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Even more money and personnel raided from building department to deal with County’s cannabis backlog

The County of Humboldt’s leadership is consumed with all things pot, and as the weeks roll by, they keep funneling more money away from other public needs and towards the cannabis planning division. All the while, the cannabis permits the … Continue reading

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Sorry, pensioners: CalPERS can’t pay you because they’re determined to fund social and environmental issues

Quick question: How would you like it if your planned retirement funds were ripped from underneath you because the people managing your retirement decided they should be making political statements with your money? Here’s a sad bit of news for … Continue reading

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Larry Oetker takes over as Harbor District Director, collects salary and retirement at the same time

Last week, the Harbor District announced the hire of former City of Arcata Director of Community Development Larry Oetker to fill the role of Executive Director. And before we get into the heavy stuff: THC totally called it! Remember? Harbor … Continue reading

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Humboldt Area Foundation hides financials in latest organization yearbook

In 2017, Humboldt area Foundation has continued it’s recently developed tradition of subverting . The latest evidence We’d love to show it to you, but it’s not online yet. You can pick one up in person from HAF’s headquarters – … Continue reading

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Pentagon’s West-coast missile defense program could save Humboldt County – from economic catastrophe

THC has been scratching our heads, wondering what in the heck Humboldt County can do to spur economic growth in a time when we so desperately need it. Like most folks, we see tough times ahead when the cannabis economy … Continue reading

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Calaveras County is kicking Humboldt’s ass at processing cannabis permits, and we found the reason why

Here’s some food for thought on the totally f***ed up way that Humboldt County has been processing and issuing commercial cannabis applications over the last year: Total Calaveras County commercial cannabis applications processed and approved – 195. Total of the … Continue reading

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Eureka sets positive tone for zones, but economic disaster still in the forecast

This past Tuesday, the City of Eureka held a “set the tone for your zone” community meeting to gain input from Eurekans about how they envision the future look of the city. There was quite a bit of buzz leading … Continue reading

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What your state government has done for you in 2017: dinosaurs, AIDS, gas taxes, and more

Tackling California’s housing issues, or figuring out a way to attract businesses to our state, or even figuring out the health-care fiasco would have been way too hard for state legislature to accomplish. But the legislature did find some really … Continue reading

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