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County shells out $1.8 million more dollars for pot permit backlog

How much has Humboldt County spent on processing cannabis permits? That’s anybody’s guess, and there won’t be any accounting anytime soon. Will all of the public money being poured into regulating the cannabis industry actually see a return on investment? … Continue reading

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County extends cannabis application date – giving them more time to screw more people over

Guess what? The County Supervisors ever-so-generously decided to extend the time-frame for Humboldt’s growers to apply for temporary cannabis permits. The announcement was met with a collective “big frickin’ whoop” from just about everybody not seated on the dais in … Continue reading

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California Poverty is the worst in the nation – and no one to blame but our own liberal selves

It sure sucks when the Golden State looks more like a Golden Turd when it comes to the economic support it gives to the people. Remember the decades-ling efforts to pad income and provide support to those in poverty, in … Continue reading

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Last Day to Vote: Biggest Asshole of 2018!

It’s been a heated battle so far, folks, and one that we didn’t quite expect. So far, Ben Shepherd is in the lead, but only by a hair. We’ve got a three-way contest for Biggest Asshole on our hands, folks … Continue reading

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THC Poll: Vote for 2017’s Biggest Asshole of the Year

2017 was a year in which many assholes distinguished themselves through extraordinary acts of either benefiting from their positions of power, screwing over the every-man, or in some cases, both. But like clockwork, THC has sifted through the many actors … Continue reading

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Happy New Years from THC! 2017’s Biggest hits

Hard to believe yet another one has come and gone! Heck, sometimes it’s hard for THC to believe that we’re even still kicking! We’d like to thank a steady diet of bargain brand hot pockets and our true love, Mike’s … Continue reading

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What early retirement of public employees costs the public: triple the price for half the service

A couple of weeks ago, THC had some spirited discussion about the effect that Larry Oetker’s hiring at the Harbor District will have on public finances, and in general what the practice of allowing public employees to collect their pensions … Continue reading

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County to buy KMART to make room for new hires, bloating departments

Did you hear how the County is planning to buy the old KMART building in Eureka and convert it into offices for a few different departments? Sure sounds good on the surface, right? THC supposes that consolidating the departments under … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from THC! (Plus our best Christmas card yet!)

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from THC. Blessings to you and yours (that’s right, all of you!). Even the ones who said mean things about us. We forgive you. Hope you enjoy our card: No, seriously, we … Continue reading

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Newsflash! The same sheriff’s that sold dead people’s stuff also spend campaign money illegally

You know what really stinks? When your political action committee gets busted for violating the Fair Political Practices Committee rules on reporting campaign documentation. You know what sucks even more? When you’re from the same County department that got in … Continue reading

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