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City of Eureka cuts nearly $1 million from police department in order to make payments on CALPERS retirement plans

You know how the City of Eureka seems to have a pretty bad problem when it comes to all things crime? From petty theft, to violence, to lighting transients on fire – these sure seem like times when the people … Continue reading

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Crider makes sweet escape as Harbor District spirals the drain towards bankruptcy

The Humboldt Bay Harbor District’s Executive Director¬† Jack Crider announced that he’ll be leaving his post in October for a job in New Mexico. Sort of. At the end of his current contract, Crider is bailing on the Harbor and … Continue reading

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If you don’t own a home now, you might have missed the boat entirely

You probably know by now that THC loves to keep tabs on the worsening housing shortage in California. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that California’s housing inventory is falling far short of the mark. According to … Continue reading

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City Manager Greg Sparks’ “oral sexual favors” comment on Squires puts Eureka in a great position to lose another lawsuit

While most folks are focused on the fallout for slum lord Floyd Squires’ Blue Heron Hotel burnt down, THC’s interest got stirred up by the official statement from the City of Eureka a week later, issued by none other than … Continue reading

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County hires expensive consultant to survey what Humboldt wants out of their airport; THC has a free answer

According to a recent Fly Humboldt e-mail update forwarded to us by a THC fan, the County of Humboldt has hired consulting firm Volaire Aviation to figure out what Humboldt-ians think would make the Humboldt Redwood County – Arcata-oh-wait-McKinleyville Airport … Continue reading

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County of Humboldt continues lawsuit losing streak; moves record to 0-104

Well, if there’s one thing that we can depend on the County of Humboldt to do, it’s to lose lawsuits. And not minor lawsuits, no – lawsuits that end up costing the taxpayer millions of dollars. In the latest round, … Continue reading

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County of Humboldt “visioning” a future where you’re not allowed to live by the beach

Today, the County of Humboldt pushed out this press release about their efforts to prepare for sea-level rise on their website earlier this month: County to address sea level rise in vulnerable areas On August 9 the Coastal Commission awarded … Continue reading

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The Humboldt Consequential makes front page news on LoCO!

Guess who just got recognition for being super awesome by being featured on the front page of the Lost Coast Outpost? That’s right! Your friendly, neighborhood blog – The Humboldt Consequential! Check it out: Aside from our really shitty ad … Continue reading

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City of Eureka to gift Indian Island to Humboldt County Public Administrators’s Office

Citing their inability to legally give away publicly held lands to a private group, the City of Eureka has shockingly decided to hand over control of the City’s holdings on Indian Island to the Humboldt County Public Administrator’s Office. According … Continue reading

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Renee Saucedo encourages Supervisors to break state and federal law

It sure didn’t take long for Renee Saucedo, of True North Organizing Network and Humboldt Area Foundation fame, to prove THC’s point about her efforts to pointlessly stir shit up in our communities. Most recently, and in perfect conjunction with … Continue reading

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