The Humboldt Consequential is dedicated to making sure that our local government is taken to task for all of the ridiculous decisions they make and ludicrous things they say. The truth is that sometimes you gotta tell our elected and appointed officials just how stupid they are, and if enough of you – our readers – hop on board, we can make a difference. THC is tired of government bigwigs wreaking havoc on our lifestyles using taxpayer money.

The truth of the matter is that the idiotic things being done through our county’s official channels have consequences; one those consequences is that we, the people of Humboldt, are sick of the bullshit that is bringing our county down.

22 Responses to About

  1. Milldoin says:

    It’s time for the THC to step up and start a dialog about how to the bring back good jobs to the county.
    It is obvious to me that adequate transportation to our languishing port is the only thing that will bring back high paying jobs.
    Until ships can come into Humboldt Bay fully loaded it will not be utilized to it’s fullest.


  2. Rowdy Rebel says:

    THC? More stoner commentary? Aren’t the inept amateurs at LOCO enough -??


  3. Leo Sears says:


    Due to my involvement in community affair over the years, I am quite often approached regarding public issues, to have me take them on as “My” issues, or find someone who will help.
    Many times they are issues the should be taken on in the public arena, but I try to focus on only one major issue at a time. Right now that is the Harbor District.
    I received the following regarding Arcata Fire, and I have confirmed what it says with active and retired fire Chiefs and volunteers who feel that some things are even worse than what is portrayed.
    Leo Sears 442-4602 your “Frigin Genius”

    Arcata Fire Districts Strategic Plan Report 2014
    As many community members read through the Strategic Plan, there is many questions that are unanswered and some obvious deviation from community input. It is a misdirection from a committee review and without advertisement for open community input. This is a Washington DC tactic —————– Looks like I’ve hit a word limit. You’ll have to give me email to send this.


  4. Tim Cochrane says:

    Exactly who is writing for THC? It’s one thing to write critical things about people and organizations, but to do so anonymously somehow dilutes the legitimacy (for lack of a better word) of the commentary.


    • Just Watchin says:

      Are you the Tim Cochrane who was fired from Summit Brokerage Services in 2011 for stealing from your clients?


      • Theresa Severson says:

        I had never heard of Humboldt Consequential until today. I found the article quite interesting. I was born and raised here, left for 40 years +, came back 3 years ago. This county (and state) is a disaster. This state is disgusting!


  5. Mac Towner says:

    Ouch! Good catch!

    Sounds like Tim and Pat have lots in common. Makes sense for him to come to Cleary’s defense. Two peas in a pod as it were….


  6. what a crock says:

    This is so obviously written by Arkley. Did you miss openly screwing Humboldt over Rob?


  7. Dave says:

    Your site is interesting, though there is a lack of credibility here. Who are you? About page lacks information about you and your mission. No contact button. Private registration. Please reveal so I can take you seriously.


    • Just Watchin says:

      Dear Dave…….The “About” states the “mission”. The “Got Truth” button has a contact email address.Why not put your last name on here, so that they can take you seriously…..


  8. Just Watchin says:

    Baggerfinger…..there is no “g” on the end of Watchin. Geeeez…..


  9. Just Watchin says:

    THC…..I think you lost ole bagger when you started using big words like “articulate”….


    • Happens sometimes. Most often with bloggers and politicians. Complex thought and articulation evades them both.


    • Esther says:

      Okay, I took the bait. Is this comment from EK’s blog a good example of being articulate?

      Now she’s the spelling police. What a stupid cunt….


      • From our perspective we might or might not have moderated that one depending on the context but it would have likely received a gentle reminder about civility. We don’t generally have a problem with cunts, as a matter of fact we like them. We also have lots of cuddly descriptors for them but smart and/or stupid aren’t generally among them. Cheers!


  10. Just Watchin says:



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