County shells out $1.8 million more dollars for pot permit backlog

How much has Humboldt County spent on processing cannabis permits? That’s anybody’s guess, and there won’t be any accounting anytime soon.

Will all of the public money being poured into regulating the cannabis industry actually see a return on investment? With the uncertainty in the market, there’s no way of knowing.

What we do know is that the County keeps shelling out tons of money to grease the wheels of the big pot machine they think they’re building.

The Supervisors’ agenda item from this past Tuesday merely mentions an increase of $300,000 per consulting firm that has contracted to help the idiots at the County process cannabis permits.

If you dig a little deeper – or read the Times-Standard – you’ll see that the Supervisor’s actually awarded $1.8 million more to these consulting firms.

It’s really interesting to see just how far the County will go, and how much they’ll spend, to try and keep the cash cow they’ve saddled themselves to going.

It’s just too bad they won’t go to the same lengths to try and fix our housing problems, or public safety, or the economy – or, you know, any of the other massive problems facing Humboldt County at the moment.

Of course, when the cannabis economy collapses, and the County government is out millions of dollars because they failed to get enough people through the permitting process to capitalize on taxes while the getting was good, where will that leave us?

Hopefully with new Supervisors, if nothing else. We can all celebrate their ouster while we’re on the side of the road begging for scraps.

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7 Responses to County shells out $1.8 million more dollars for pot permit backlog

  1. county sure ain't broke like they say. says:

    If every one of those still outstanding permits are completed, that’s $1700 EACH. Holy shit, where can I sign up? I’ll do it for half that and make a killer wage. Oh wait, the supes already handed out the paychecks. Best hope the BOS crew earn back that money via the taxes they think the industry is going to pay out. Money that was supposed to shore up county shortfalls. Whelp, not any more. They’re spending money that hasen’t even been collected. This is how budgets get into arrears, when the “investments” don’t pay out later as speculated.


    • Not exactly clear, but nonetheless a point very well taken. The BOS has their hands around the golden goose’s neck, their eyes are squeezed shut and completely blind to what they are doing. The rest of us will be left to take care of the bill from the mess they’ve created.


  2. Sorry Humboldt says:

    These consultants and the Permits they are processig are paid for by the permittees not out of government coffers! Unfortunalty these current BOS seem intent on driving this industry out of business by over taxing, over charging, over burdening, over regulating, and mismanaging this whole process. Giving desperate farms false hope with no possiblity of success is gonna bancrupt this county while other counties, with their open arms, are hoping to come out of bankruptcy…. Go figure!


    • Sammy says:

      Cry me a frippin’ river.
      Any and all persons wanting to be permitted for anything over the past 50+ years have been smashed in the face with all of the rules, regulations, fees, special fees, and other department fees, rules and regulations x’s about 10. SO whilst the still illegal pot growers are adapting a moniker that is NOT theirs (a.k.a. farmer; you are not a farmer until it is legally recognized as an agricultural product you DOLTS),no one is really feeling sorry for them…
      As for the STUPIDVISORS (except for one Rex the Wonderful); they are stupid, have always been stupid and always will BE stupid. Nuttin’ new there; and addicted to spending money they don’t have will remain their mode of operation. They are not in charge, they just do what the “Intellingent” staffers tell them to do. Not a single self reliant brain cell amongst the 4 Stupid-teers.


    • county sure ain't broke like they say. says:

      Why does it take $3.6 million to do the job? I’ve read the whole application. That isn’t $1700 worth of work. Each one can be done in a day or two. that is one hell of a paycheck for those half dozen “consultants”.


  3. Rick says:

    So what is the county ‘consulting’ on with these firms. Why do we have to hire these guys? Don’t we have experts in cannabis right here? Some thing sure but the experts are here. The county needs to reach out and do this new economy right. The taxes are ridiculous! There is no way the black market will end with those prices because of the greedy tax collector. The small farmer needs to make a living and they are what Humboldt stands for in the cannabis world.

    All of this should have been worked out a long time ago. No planning especially on county’s part.


  4. Red says:

    This blog is all dried up, just like Rose Welsh’s cunt


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