County extends cannabis application date – giving them more time to screw more people over

Guess what? The County Supervisors ever-so-generously decided to extend the time-frame for Humboldt’s growers to apply for temporary cannabis permits.

The announcement was met with a collective “big frickin’ whoop” from just about everybody not seated on the dais in the Supervisor’s chambers.

The County could extend the timeline for permit application ’til kingdom come, if they wanted, and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference to the people who need those permits to grow legal crops – or to the suffering Humboldt economy.

You see, the County has seen fit to create such a shit show that people can’t get their permits in a timely fashion – despite the fact that they’re being taxed out of existence by the very ordinance that the County’s ineptitude prevents them from taking advantage of.

Now, we’re beneficiaries of the cannabis industry in the way that most of Humboldt County is – the cash from that industry supports a significant amount of the greater economy. But from an outside perspective, how much would you like it if you were being forced to pay big, big money to wait in a years-long line in order to get permission to maybe start growing some pot? While being taxed on the crop which you can’t grow at the same time?

A local attorney, Beorn Zepp, who is presumably working on behalf of marijuana farmers to get the County off of it’s lazy ass, had this to say in this weeks board meeting (per the Times-Standard):

If we don’t have some significant movement on the final actual permits, we are going to arrive at yet another train wreck that holds up the entire industry and the permitting process,” Zepp said. “… At the rate we’re going, the present round of permits are going to be being processed for years and we’re not going to be able to get this industry off the ground locally at this rate.

It’s almost like Zepp has been reading THC all along. Or, you know, he just has a little common sense. Everyone can see that the County Supervisors and the County Planning Department are nuking the chances of local growers to survive in our area – but that might explain why the County appears to be so oblivious.

Elsewhere in the same Times-Standard article, Humboldt Planning big-wig Rob Ford reported that the County has issued 360 permits. If you’re counting, that means they’ve processed less than a permit per day since the beginning of last year.

We hope that you weren’t planning a goodbye party for Humboldt’s cannabis black market, because you’ll have to cancel it. In a market where little folks are pushed out of the legal process in droves, every single day,  you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone who has relied on cannabis for their livelihood for the past decade isn’t going to just up and abandon their cash cow because the County can’t get their shit together.

Who loses? Everybody. Who’s fault is that? The County of Humboldt.

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1 Response to County extends cannabis application date – giving them more time to screw more people over

  1. Rusty Rescue says:

    Pot growing in Humboldt is D.O.A. Black Market or not. The family Tobacco farms died when it hit 1.98 per pound, Weed market price will continue to fall as long as the supply continues to glut the Market. The only ones profiting are the commercial mega grower’s and the Tax Man, just like Tobacco. It’s only farming now and there ain’t no money in farming. Good riddance.


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