California Poverty is the worst in the nation – and no one to blame but our own liberal selves

It sure sucks when the Golden State looks more like a Golden Turd when it comes to the economic support it gives to the people.

Remember the decades-ling efforts to pad income and provide support to those in poverty, in the hope of lifting people out of dire financial straits? Well…California, for all it’s whining about federal policies designed to “hurt” the poor, has accomplished the exact same thing. Only they did it through idiocy and a blind dedication to throwing money at the problem.

We honestly are mystified when California’s politicians lash out at Trump for policies they claim target the poor. He’s a crook and an ass-hat, surely, but no more than a single one of our leaders in California.

This recent Op-Ed in the LA Times sheds some light on just how wrong California’s tinkering with poverty assistance has gone. Did you know, for example, that California spent $958 billion on public welfare programs? Or that 1 in every 3 welfare recipients in the nation lives in California?

Most damning of all, even with all that spending, poverty in California is getting worse.

Check it out:

Why is Liberal California the Poverty Capital of America?

Two of the biggest factors in poverty and welfare problem? Well, bureaucratic greed, of course. And, as you might have guessed from previous THC posts – the lack of frickin’ housing in California. Not just affordable housing, either. All types of housing.

If only our political leaders would listen to us. It’s almost like they’re afraid of our tinfoil hats.

A heck of a sobering read, if you ask us. No amount of Mike’s will make us forget all this – but we’re going to try anyway.


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2 Responses to California Poverty is the worst in the nation – and no one to blame but our own liberal selves

  1. shak says:

    I doubt the world will send Jerry Brown relief donations like he’s hoping for.

    The last time the UN visited Calif, they were appalled that the homeless were having to use plastic bags for poop pots.
    Now plastic bags are banned.

    They visited again, recently, and were appalled at the tiny housings going up.
    Will tiny houses be banned soon?
    The headlines will soon tell.


  2. R.D. Fierro says:

    Love your blog. You and John Chiv should run for BOS or whatever you please.


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