Last Day to Vote: Biggest Asshole of 2018!

It’s been a heated battle so far, folks, and one that we didn’t quite expect.

So far, Ben Shepherd is in the lead, but only by a hair. We’ve got a three-way contest for Biggest Asshole on our hands, folks – the tightest race in the grand history of this prestigious award.

2017 Asshole Pat Cleary is tight on his heels, and ol’ John Ford and the Humboldt County Planning Department is right there with him – they are completely tied in the polls as of this writing!

Honestly, we thought Shepherd was the dark horse this year. It’s Cinderella stories like Ben’s rise to the top of Asshole-dom that makes this contest so special to us at THC.

Unfortunately for Alex Moore, and for those who think that blatant government corruption and interference in politics via massive  donations of cannabis money is a bad thing, he appears out of the running. (Would it have been better if we blamed the Bulgarians?)

Anyhow, if you haven’t yet – get your vote on!

Polls are closing tomorrow, get your Biggest Asshole nomination in while you still can. It would be a shame if your favorite BA didn’t take home the Donald A. Trump Biggest Asshole Trophy, right?

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5 Responses to Last Day to Vote: Biggest Asshole of 2018!

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Why isn’t Stupidvisor Sundberg in the poll this year anyway? He’s the worst of the bunch after all. Aside from being the stupidist of the Stupidvisors he’s also a danger to us all on the road. Beware kids in MkTown Ryan’s back on the sauce. I’ve now seen him twice knocking back brews on the town. Is DUI number two on the horizon?


  2. Azalea Mom says:

    If Ryan is drinking again that does concern me a lot. I’d like more confirmation before totally condemning him but I wouldn’t want someone with a known drinking problem running the County.


  3. Dallas says:

    This Page Is A Joke And You Are Absolutely Brain Dead Ignorant Idiots !!!! 😉


  4. Homebody says:

    While the tenor can be a little over the top I really appreciated this blog while it lasted. Many of the issues that have been posted are really important and should have open public discussion. I hope they come back some time but maybe tone it down a bit.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Karma for the scarlet letter syndrome THC engaged in…Trump definately loves THC as a more conservative bullshiters paradise where the boss is most populist of all or else a scarlet letter is used against ya…good media right back there, lol…


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