THC Poll: Vote for 2017’s Biggest Asshole of the Year

2017 was a year in which many assholes distinguished themselves through extraordinary acts of either benefiting from their positions of power, screwing over the every-man, or in some cases, both.

But like clockwork, THC has sifted through the many actors in Humboldt who qualify as assholes in order to bring you the cream of the crop – the holiest of asses, if you will.

2016’s contest was a tight one, and we look forward to another thrilling race between a field chock full of only the highest caliber of assholes. (Here’s a recap of last year’s results, when Patrick Cleary edged Ryan Sundberg for the honors: Patrick Cleary makes stunning comeback to win Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole Award)

As a quick reminder, Asshole candidates only qualify for their impacts or actions in Humboldt County. As a true democracy, we allow one vote per person, and we’ve taken steps to ensure that their will not be a repeat of Russian influence or hacking of our voting system.

After all, it would be a shame if Patrick Cleary’s Russian connections allowed him to rig the election in his favor once again.Now, without further ado, THC proudly presents the candidates for the Biggest Asshole of 2017:

Patrick Cleary

A perennial Asshole and reigning Champion, Patrick Cleary has continued on his crusade to subvert the ideals of the formerly community oriented Humboldt Area Foundation in order to forward his own dystopian political vision for Humboldt County.

Ben Shepherd

Ben saw fit to utilize his position as a Planning Commissioner to create a cannabis ordinance which led to the very profitable sale of his cannabis property. Then, he had the gall to try and shut down public comment in a meeting in which a community member brought up his impropriety and conflicts of interest. Silencing critics, huh? We’re surprised he didn’t call the accusations fake news!

John Ford and the Humboldt County Planning Department

Mr. Ford has the dubious distinction of leading a planning department that has almost single-handedly caused the near-total meltdown of a quarter of Humboldt’s economy. We’re talking about the cannabis business, of course. More on that here and here.

Alex Moore

Alex Moore was the recipient of the first permit under the County’s new cannabis ordinance; good for him. Not good for the rest of us? That Alex Moore has since spent his time paying off Supervisors to ensure a cultivation climate that is beneficial for him and freezes out any competition. Go ahead and check the campaign contributions for our Supervisors – you’ll see who we’re talking about. Not to mention the private fundraisers at the Pearl Lounge.

What a cozy group!

For a second year running, the Biggest Asshole of 2017 will be presented with the coveted Donald A. Trump Biggest Asshole Trophy.

Get out the vote, Humboldt! And don’t forget – if you think we missed out on including a meritorious Asshole, let us know and we’ll consider a late entry.

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4 Responses to THC Poll: Vote for 2017’s Biggest Asshole of the Year

  1. Arcatan says:

    Shepherd is no doubt the biggest asshole but the personal gain he took from his Commission appointment isn’t near the damage done to the County by the Planning Department. It’s a tough call but I voted Planning.

    I do wonder if the Planning Commission can’t find a way to limit Shepherds constant babbling?


  2. Sammy says:

    Duct tape


  3. Larry says:

    My annual vote for Marian Brady as the xxxx of the Year is hereby cast


  4. Rusty says:

    Ben’s a douche, he doesn’t even rise to the level of Asshole. Hands down it’s Clearly although the competition is closing in.


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