Happy New Years from THC! 2017’s Biggest hits

Hard to believe yet another one has come and gone!

Heck, sometimes it’s hard for THC to believe that we’re even still kicking! We’d like to thank a steady diet of bargain brand hot pockets and our true love, Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Thanks again to all of our readers for helping THC to keep growing and reaching more and more of our Humboldt audience. We do it all for you folks, even though some of you totally hate us.

We’ve got to get back to pretending to understand football so Aunt Edith will stop mouth-breathing on us, but in the mean time, enjoy THC’s top hits from 2017 (polls not included).


Director of Boys&Girls Club takes aim at Patrick Cleary, HAF for failing to support area youth program

New Councilmember Allison pledges to screw City of Eureka over, give firefighters even more lucrative contracts

Calaveras County is kicking Humboldt’s ass at processing cannabis permits, and we found the reason why

2018 Supervisor Election Preview: Airhead vs. Pothead, Gnome vs. Native

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5 Responses to Happy New Years from THC! 2017’s Biggest hits

  1. John Fullerton says:

    What about the story of the missing liberal blogger, Liberal Jon ?

    Jon Yalcinkaya posted long 1,000 word essays in response to a one sentence question on any topic all over the internet world (including his own blog) and then disappeared last July !


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