Newsflash! The same sheriff’s that sold dead people’s stuff also spend campaign money illegally

You know what really stinks? When your political action committee gets busted for violating the Fair Political Practices Committee rules on reporting campaign documentation.

You know what sucks even more? When you’re from the same County department that got in trouble earlier this year for pawning off dead people’s stuff for cheap, and on the down low.

Yep, these folks – the Deputy Sheriff’s PAC, and the Coroner’s office – both hail from the same department in the County.

It’s important that everyone in Humboldt County follows the law – except for the people who are supposed to enforce it. Funny how that works, huh?

Maybe if the PAC concerned themselves more with the way that they run their department, rather than protesting and eating hot dogs, then they wouldn’t be experiencing these major screw-ups so regularly.

Then again, as is usual, unions and public employee political groups pretty much run the show behind the scenes for our local governments. That’s how the firefighter union got former Chief Gillespie fired, after all.

Speaking of which…anyone know what the the Firefighter PAC is up to?

Apparently, they’re way better at their jobs than the Sherff’s PAC, since you never hear anything about them.

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3 Responses to Newsflash! The same sheriff’s that sold dead people’s stuff also spend campaign money illegally

  1. Disillusioned says:

    The silence from the main stream news, Times Standard, Channel 3 and Channel 7, is puzzling. They are starved for any real news and ignore Bill Gillespie’s firing and now this? Why?

    “Pervasive Campaign Finance disclosures”. The Humb Cnty Sheriff’s PAC is fined $17,000 for 16 campaign violations over a five year period!


    • Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to one and all! We’re taking a quick break from a barrel of egg nog and caroling to check in.

      The silence is indeed deafening. Just goes to show that for the real low down on whats happening around Humboldt you have to rely on the only legitimate news source – The Humboldt Consequential! We don’t get it either. These are relevant news stories that the public should be aware of. We will continue to do our best to keep you informed.



  2. Fs says:

    The news in general, including the North Coast Journal is equally complacent in dealing with real facts. They seem more intent on molding public opinion. Another fine article by THC.


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