County Legislative Platform reveals the County wants to make it easier to raise your taxes against an officer

THC was all tucked in last night, reading through the Adoption of 2018 State and Federal Legislative Platforms, which they approved back on December 12th.

Let us tell you, we were disappointed to read a few items that the County will pursue at the state and federal level next year – like reducing the amount of votes needed to approve new taxes and initiatives. But we certainly weren’t surprised.

Gee, let’s make it easier to ram shit down the public’s throat!

For the record, that change would mean that things like 2016’s Measure U sales tax, or Measure Q Creation of a Finance Department, might have passed. Do you see the common trend between those things?

Passing such a policy proposal would mean it’s even easier for the government to take your money.

So, are they really looking out for Humboldt’s best interests at the state and federal levels? Yeah, sure, sometimes.

But only when it happens to serve their main purpose – keeping the money-making machine of the County government rolling. Even if that means taking money from taxpayers when a significant amount of the public don’t want to pay needlessly for what could easily be addressed by making adjustments in the County’s budget.

But it’s not just the various policy positions that should be of interest to you, the Humboldt public.

Take the staff recommendation that went along which authorizes the County Administrative Offices to submit letters to state and federal representatives or agencies in support of the County’s priorities.

Sean Quincey described the action like this in the Supes’ meeting on the 12th:

An action which would “authorize and direct CAO to submit letters as needed to support legislative platform an attempt to quicken the County’s response time to legislative changes next year”.

This would essentially mean that, without consulting anyone, the CAO’s office could fire off letters to any representative they please, outlining what the County of Humboldt and our Supervisors think about a particular issue. Which is a really difficult thing to do, without first finding out what your Supervisors think the public would want.

It seems like Amy Nilsen, and her underlings in the CAO office, think it would be great if they were calling the shots on what Humboldt County’s response on all policy changes at the state and federal levels.

And guess what? All five of our Supervisors thought it would be a just the greatest idea for the CAO office to do the thinking for them. The Supes went ahead and gave the CAO that ability.

Gee, what did we elect them for anyway?

The pretense that the change is needed to “quicken the County’s response” to legislative changes is laughable – the Supervisors meet once a week!

To THC’s recollection, nobody voted to give Amy Nilsen, or anyone in the County government – aside from Bass, Bohn, Fennell, Sundberg, or Wilson – the authority to make the decisions about what it is in the best interests of the County.

Long story short, the Supervisors should be embarrassed by this, whether they understood the impact of the decision or not. What’s more, the public should be pissed. THC is. Are you?

You can read the whole policy platform here:

Adoption of 2018 State and Federal Legislative Platforms

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2 Responses to County Legislative Platform reveals the County wants to make it easier to raise your taxes against an officer

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Infukingcredible! I bet that my supposedly conservative Stupidvisor actually voted to make it easier to raise my taxes!

    I’d really like to know specifically which Stupidvisors voted for this crap? What an embarrassment, their families should be ashamed..


  2. Arcatan says:

    Mac Towner, Your rage is well founded. If you really want to be incensed I recommend reviewing the Legislative Platform in it’s entirety. Raising taxes on impoverished Humboldt families is really just the tip of the over-regulatory iceberg that our elected officials support. My bet is that few if any of them actually read and thought about what they were supporting.


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