Four Supervisors reject safe injection sites…sort of.

THC was astonished to see that our venerable Supervisors took a united stand against a clearly bullshit policy proposal from the state when we learned that Humboldt’s Supervisors objected to the County’s inclusion in a safe injection program.

But then we read the letter that all but one member of the Board approved sending to the state regarding AB 186, which would allow certain cities to provide safe sites to inject drugs for drug users. And let’s just say that their stance was less than firm, and even seemed to show some interest in bringing the program to Humboldt – with some conditions, of course.

Turns out that safe injection sites are a really bad idea, unless our Supervisors come up with the idea, and get input on how much money they’re given in order to implement the program.

This action from the Supervisors went from being a blunt and final refusal of a – let’s say it again – ludicrous program proposal and instead turned into a whiny letter that complains because the state didn’t ask us about our feelings first.

Bohn may be blunt, and may often sound like an ass, but at least he didn’t tip-toe around the issue. Bass, Fennell, Sundberg, and Wilson, on the other hand, decided to show just how strong their spines are by playing hard to get.

Even better, the Supervisors would love the opportunity to opt in to such a program if it suits them, so don’t go thinking that the County of Humboldt is out of the woods on this program just yet.

THC would argue that we can already see the effects of lax enforcement on drug use all over the streets and green belts, and that potentially instructing people on how to be better at doing drugs is a stupid, stupid idea that will only exacerbate the problem.

Of course, it occurs to us that the Supervisors complained AB 186 should be state funded, so in the end, and as always, leaving the door open may just be about the County government putting their hands out for even more money.

If that happens, the County will hire more ineffective people, and create more opportunity for drug users.


Catch the full text of Virginia Bass’ letter kind-of-sort-of refusing safe injection sites here: Humboldt Supervisors’ Letter re: AB 186

Be sure to note the following: “the Board would support the existing legislation if amended to include an opportunity to”opt in” after such community conversations have
taken place.”

They’re not saying no – just taking a rain check.

THC Bonus: Here’s John Chiv’s opinion on the issue.

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13 Responses to Four Supervisors reject safe injection sites…sort of.

  1. Anon says:

    Leave it to Supervisor Bonnie Bass to craft a BS response to an obviously brain dead idea. Spineless doesn’t even begin to describe her lack of willingness to take a stand on anything for fear of offending those who never supported her. Thank you Rex for being the sole Supervisor willing to do your job.


  2. Disillusioned says:

    Bass is hopeless, she couldn’t take a strong stand on any issue to save her life.
    She will vote for this dope injection site just as soon as she sees the wind blowing in the other direction. You can’t trust her.


  3. TommyGunn says:

    What’s ridiculous is THC whining about the supervisors doing something right for once. Just because they sent a more formal aka not Bohn-headed, inappropriate letter to the state doesn’t make a difference, they’re saying the same thing.

    All this Bass hate is looking at the wrong thing. Maybe look at who’s giving her a ton of campaign money if you want to see where she’ll take us


    • Anon says:

      From what I hear we can’t look at where the Bass $$$ are coming from because there’s lots of cash that isn’t being reported. Lets see whet the FPPC has to say on the matter. Stay tuned…..


  4. MOLA42 says:

    Safe Injection Sites have been in place in the EU for years now. The result? Fewer OD’s, less disease transmission and lower drug related crimes (such as stealing to maintain an addiction) and greater numbers of addicts getting clean.

    It may sound ludicrous to you, but a Safe Injection Site soundas like a good idea to me. It of course would depend upon how well run the program is (and there, alas, is the rub).


  5. Toby CF says:

    This Mola guy knows what he’s talking about. Do some research first you idiots

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  6. Fieldbrooker says:

    I agree with Mola and Toby.
    Somehow the supervisors caught wind of this without getting all of the facts. The state needs to send someone here to educate the supervisors and anybody else who is interested before anyone can make an informed opinion. A half baked opinion makes Humboldt County look like idiot rubes.

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  7. Rusty says:

    Providing needles and a safe place to inject ones self with illegal drugs results in oxymoron : Harm Reduction.
    Makes as much since to allow intoxicated drivers on the road as long as they have a co-pilot.
    Seat Belts and Crash Helmets are harm reduction.
    When, not if, the inevitable death occurs we the tax payers get screwed again by Millions of dollars going to some bereaved enabling parent or sibling.
    If injecting your self with illegal drugs is so great why aren’t you doing it?


    • MOLA42 says:


      Who says I’m not? (I mean, your last sentence is really silly)

      Your equating Safe Injection Sites with allowing drunk drivers free reign on our roads is backwards. The equivalent would be to allow people to drink in safe environments (I think some people call them bars) and NOT be allowed to drive.

      I’m unclear on one thing you wrote: Are you for or against wearing seat-belts?


      • Rusty says:

        Wearing seat belts is a form of harm reduction, enabling people to inject illegal drugs into themselves is not.
        “You” equated safe injection sites to allowing drunk drivers free rein on the road.
        One can clearly read above what I said. Drinking in bars is a legal activity, you take responsibility for yourself when you leave that bar.
        Injecting illegal drugs is and illegal activity. Are you going to be responsible for the Junkies when they leave and wander into traffic? Vancouver, BC home of the only government sponsored and Medically supervised safe injection site experienced an OD death under it’s own roof. Could more staff, more money spent on nurses or anything averted this chronic drug abusers death?
        When, not if, the inedible death occurs at one of these so-called safe injection sites, what will it charges be? Will there be charges at all ?
        What there will be is a is a giant sucking sound that tax payers monies make when a civil court jury awards millions of dollars to the bereaved family of the Dead junkie. We need our tax dollars going to drug interdiction not drug use. We need Doctor’s and nurses caring for our family and friends with real illness and inflictions not selfish self inflicted drug addicts. Drug addicts do nothing for our community but waste time, money and resources that are sorely needed elsewhere. Our elected officials need not be wasting there time with this frivolous idea.


  8. MOLA42 says:


    ““You” equated safe injection sites to allowing drunk drivers free rein on the road.”

    No I didn’t. Read what I said again.

    You made the analogy that Safe Injection Sites are like letting people driving DUI with “a copilot.” I pointed out, as nicely as possible, you got what was being talked about backwards.

    Be mad at me if you like (it’s a free country) but I did try to set you straight while trying to avoid hostility. You, in turn, doubled down. We can try to deal with each other as reasonable adults or you can rant by your lonesome. Your choice.


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