Even more money and personnel raided from building department to deal with County’s cannabis backlog

The County of Humboldt’s leadership is consumed with all things pot, and as the weeks roll by, they keep funneling more money away from other public needs and towards the cannabis planning division. All the while, the cannabis permits the public has been promised keep failing to roll out.

According to a LoCO article, 99 permits have been issued, and only 86 of those for cultivation.

As a reminder, little ol’ Calaveras County has been kicking Humboldt’s ass when it comes to permit approvals, with a whopping 195 permits approved as of last week.

Did we mention that Calaveras County only had a third of the employees working on the cannabis permits as Humboldt County did?

But it gets worse! As you might have guessed, Humboldt County decided to give themselves yet another boost of manpower and appropriated funds to throw at the approval problem.

Here’s an agenda item from this a couple weeks ago, in which the Supervisors approved another full time position to the cannabis division and simultaneously swindled $45,000 from the Building Department:

And it didn’t stop there – they also gave three vehicles and two full-time positions to the code enforcement unit, which is also under the Planning Department’s purview.

They probably think this is okay because, due to their decisionnmaking, no one is building a damn thing in this County.

But what’s that you say? The Supervisors are set to approve yet another payday for the cannabis division this coming Tuesday December 12th? Tell us it isn’t so!

It is so.

This is a sound management move from Planning Director John Ford – you don’t want to have three consecutive items asking for more money to bandage your department’s failures on one agenda. You’re doing it like an old Humboldt County pro, John, congratulations!

Of course, our Supervisors are buying the Planning Department’s shtick. It’s at least good to know that our Superior-visors like to stick to their guns, and still think that throwing more public money at a problem without changing the methods is a sure-fire way to solve it.

As those of us who don’t have our heads up our asses know, it’s not a lack of money or manpower that’s creating the Planning Department’s problem with permits – it’s the people working on it. Those happen to be the same people who had a hand in creating the whole screwed up ordinance in the first place, so it’s no big surprise that they’re incapable of handling this too.

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1 Response to Even more money and personnel raided from building department to deal with County’s cannabis backlog

  1. Disillusioned says:

    The rush for pot money will be the end of all hopes for decent people to have a good life in Humboldt.


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