Pentagon’s West-coast missile defense program could save Humboldt County – from economic catastrophe

THC has been scratching our heads, wondering what in the heck Humboldt County can do to spur economic growth in a time when we so desperately need it. Like most folks, we see tough times ahead when the cannabis economy we’ve relied upon collapses, or at the least changes beyond recognition. Depending on who you ask, those tough times are already beginning.

We were hard up on ideas, when out of the sky came this gem: a West-coast missile defense program that the Pentagon is shopping locations for.

Can you imagine the jobs that such a development would bring to the area? And not just temporary jobs for construction and such – we’re talking about the huge boost it would bring to services needed to support the installation and it’s employees and personnel, not to mention the influx of money from all the people working at the installation. It could be a gold-mine! Not a green-mine, as the County of Humboldt seems to be solely focused on.

Humboldt County seems ideally situated to host such a site, since we’re the western-most point of land on the coast, with develop-able land and even a history of military presence. Remember why they had the naval base near Centerville beach? The same reasons make Humboldt appealing for a THAAD missile-defense installation.

Of course, we don’t really have a place to house all those people at the moment, but that can be fixed. We can dream, right?

But there’s bad news, folks.

None of our Supervisors can help bring this to fruition.

  • Sundberg is off shaking hands and posing for pictures at the Coastal Commission.
  • Wilson is busy whining on the dais and supporting environmental crusades.
  • Virginia is off partying hard at the CSAC conventions when she isn’t vacationing in Hawaii.
  • Rex is talking. To someone. Anyone.
  • Fennell is…uh, actually does anyone know what Estelle is doing?

Such a shame that they won’t be able to jump on the massive opportunity.

It may be a long shot, there may be a million reasons why the Pentagon wouldn’t put a missile defense program here in Humboldt County, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel like our leadership was doing something to boost our economy? To stave off the approaching economic apocalypse brought on by cannabis legalization?

Attracting a missile-defense program is only one option for doing something along those lines, but there are others. (Here’s a hint: they aren’t pot.)

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7 Responses to Pentagon’s West-coast missile defense program could save Humboldt County – from economic catastrophe

  1. Red says:

    THC, you spend the weekend drinking with the chemtrail crowd?

    I’d much rather read posts about Virginia’s latest bender, Bohn & Sundberg’s family pot enterprises, Wilson’s obvious ties to the enviro-nazi clan.


  2. Rusty says:

    Exclusive – Pentagon evaluating U.S. West Coast missile defence sites …
    Reuters › uk ›

    Pentagon eyeing West Coast missile defense sites: report | TheHill
    The Hill ›

    Citing N. Korean threat, Pentagon scouts West Coast missile defense locations … › usa ›

    Chemtrails are fake news, this is reality.


  3. Old timer says:

    Wouldn’t having a defense installation make us a tastier target for N. Korea?


  4. Zach says:

    Forward thinking. Thank you,nice to read a local piece that doesn’t have their head buried in the sand on matters of National Security.


  5. Trump Is A Traitor says:

    Well you know, Virginia B(ass) is a party girl. Benders aplenty!


  6. Trump Is A Traitor says:

    Time to keep it real:

    The Pentagon wouldn’t touch Humboldt County with a ten-foot-pole!


  7. Fs says:

    I’m for it. Put the indigents to work, save the north coast from North Korean missiles.


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