Humboldt Area Foundation hides financials in latest organization yearbook

In 2017, Humboldt area Foundation has continued it’s recently developed tradition of subverting . The latest evidence

We’d love to show it to you, but it’s not online yet. You can pick one up in person from HAF’s headquarters – like we did! – or you can just wait. For how long, we don’t know.

If we could show it you, we’d point out how HAF’s mission statement isn’t featured. There’s only a pledge to fight racism and bigotry while simultaneously supporting a pet project – Equity Alliance of the North Coast – that actively drives wedges between members of our community and which has single-handedly helped shape the perception of racism in Humboldt and nearby.

But the most troubling part is the way HAF is now treating the reporting of their financials to the public.

It’s fairly similar to the previous yearbook’s coverage of HAF financials, which covers the years 2015-2016.

2015-2016’s “financial report” looks like this:

2016-2017’s report, again, is not available online at the moment, but it’s even less informative.

But even in the previous year’s report, there is not a heck of a lot of in-depth information there, right? In fact, you have to go back to the yearbook of 2013-2104 in order to get the type of breakdown of HAF’s financial situation which one would expect from a “community organization.”

For the record, those statements looked like this:

See what HAF did there?

If we’re being nice, we could say that the new format looks pretty.

We think it’s highly more likely that HAF just doesn’t want people to realize exactly who, or what, the money they donate is bankrolling. In fact, that’s probably why they fired Chris DeWitt for refusing to pressure donors into committing money to HAF’s general discretionary fund. That way, HAF could use donated monies to benefit the causes that they support, rather than the ones the community cares about.

(Read more about DeWitt’s ouster here: Humboldt Area Foundation pays hush money to former Director of Donor Services to cover their tracks)

THC just wishes HAF would return to the days when they’re published financials were up front and center, and complete, like they should be. Now, the financials do their best impression of a freshman book report based off cliffnotes – vague, inaccurate, and missing the real point.

Guess that transparency isn’t really Humboldt Area Foundation’s game anymore, is it?

On a side note, can anyone remind us what year Patrick Cleary took over at HAF. Not that there is a connection, or anything.

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1 Response to Humboldt Area Foundation hides financials in latest organization yearbook

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Is this even legal? Making their mission statement so vague & misleading, making the financial reporting hard to read or decipher should be reported.


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