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Calaveras County is kicking Humboldt’s ass at processing cannabis permits, and we found the reason why

Here’s some food for thought on the totally f***ed up way that Humboldt County has been processing and issuing commercial cannabis applications over the last year:

What’s so wrong with these numbers? Let’s see…

Well, first off, Calaveras had a 6 month head start on us, as they began vetting applications back in July of 2016. Even so, they’re out-pacing us.

Want to know something else interesting?

Calaveras has a grand total of 6 people working on their cannabis applications, and only two of them are full-time planners. One person is an administrative assistant, one’s a planner in training, and the other two are contract workers.

But it’s not like Humboldt County has like, three times the amount of people working to process permits than Calaveras does, right?

Actually, even wayyy back in May of this year, Director Ford talked about plans to have 19 people dedicated full-time to working on cannabis. THC is under the impression that since that time in May, even more temporary staffers have been brought aboard to deal with the absolutely overwhelming workload that the County’s planners are faced with.

Weird, huh?

However, THC has found that Calaveras’ relative success in processing permits does not stem from their superior intellect or ability when it comes to planning issues.

Their success can be directly attributed to the total lack of anyone named Steve Lazar in their department.

If only Humboldt’s Planning Director could take a lesson from THC’s extensive research into this matter.