Humboldt Baykeeper continues proud tradition of predatory lawsuits, defaming organizations

Wouldn’t you know it, Humboldt Baykeeper settled yet another lawsuit with a local business/agency which resulted in a hefty payout for themselves and their lawyers.

Long story short, Baykeeper saw an opportunity to make some quick cash and alleged that the Humboldt Bay Waste Management Authority was polluting the bay via storm-water runoff from the Hawthorne Trasfer Station. This was immediately after the state body in charge of water pollution oversight, the Water Quality Control Board, had given HWMA the all clear following an inspection.

Now, for successfully convincing HWMA to pay them off to shut them up, Baykeeper has HWMA bent over and greased up for the net few years – Baykeeper gets to make inspections now, too.

It’s part of an unsettling but obvious trend – even the Times-Standard picked up on it:

“This latest settlement comes after Humboldt Baykeeper entered into similar agreements this year with California Redwood Company and the Arcata-based soil company Royal Gold LLC.”

It’s not just Humboldt Baykeeper’s persistent meddling with environmentally compliant businesses that’s irking, either – it’s that they’re used as a puppet by law groups like Aqua Terris Aeris, who make a living by preying on businesses that don’t have the money or the time to fight legal accusations, and end up settling for less crippling amounts. ATA Law Group, for example, raked in $127,000 for intimidating HWMA into a settlement.

THC has also covered some of Baykeeper’s good works before:

Environmental group sues private business; Humboldt County Planning and Building to blame?

Humboldt Baykeeper seeks to ruin yet another local business in appeal to Supervisors; predatory legal action soon to follow?

Deputy County Counsel cancels secret marijuana ordinance meeting following public backlash

If only we’d thought up something brilliant, like a three-assed turkey, so we could have included Jen Kalt in our list of people we’re thankful for. There’s always next year, of course.

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5 Responses to Humboldt Baykeeper continues proud tradition of predatory lawsuits, defaming organizations

  1. Disillusioned says:

    And here we thought Jason Singleton was bad, he is a piker compared to these morally bankrupt Piranhas.


  2. Uri Driscoll says:

    Who is Baykeeper? From their website they are a program of the North Coast Environmental Center. There are two staff members it looks like and some “advisors”.
    Of course we all want a clean bay for a lot of reasons but it is a shame that advocates for that same cause have to sue small businesses to appear relevant.
    I would like them to step up and take stand over the spraying poisons on the dunes and the bay in the name of “restoration”. But they continue to sit. Hard to say for sure Why but the Coastal Conservancy who funds some of these herbicide programs, is one of Baykeepers sponsors according to their website.


  3. sandserat says:

    Who is Baykeeper? I don’t know but, with CJ Ralph on the Board of Directors
    and Aldaron Laird as an ‘Advisor,’ this organization is horribly rigged, these guys have been back-door manipulating our coastline for years, exchanging wetlands for deserts. Kalt knows the
    extreme aquatic losses along the coastline due to vegetation removal and refuses to
    throw a flag. I’ve seen more spine in a jellyfish.

    Aldaron the charlatan allowed the primary dunes in Manila and Mal’el to be destroyed
    allowing his HBMWD industrial pipeline to sit absent of the dune-sentinel. First time since 1962
    that the pipeline lost (or even injured) its primary dune. When he was notified of the blow-out dune, he didn’t understand what a primary dune was or what the loss would mean to the deflation-plane where HBMWDs pipe resides.
    Whereas CJ a supposed lover of birds says NOTHING when the very dunes he lives on
    are sprayed with Glyphosate. I miss Tim Mckay.


  4. Rusty says:

    Hah! McKay would be goose stepping right along side the Baykeeper reviewing stand. Timmy bought his gardning supplies at Miller Farms and, like all liberals did not practice what he preached.


  5. sandserat says:

    I remember Tim as being accessible, capable of humor,
    candor.and honesty. It sounds as though you might have a different experience.
    ” Timmy bought his gardning supplies at Miller Farms and, like all liberals did not practice what he preached.”
    None are perfect, tell us about Miller Farms.


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