2018 Supervisor Election Preview: Airhead vs. Pothead, Gnome vs. Native

Now that 2017’s exhilarating election is behind us, we can look forward to a couple of races that will have a real impact on the County’s future.

And THC is taking you straight to the top of the ticket, with two races for Supervisors seats that could well shift the balance of power in Humboldt County.

At least, there’s potential for the outcome of these races to up-end the status quo, but whoever gets elected, don’t count on Humboldt suddenly becoming an efficient utopia that actually focuses on the needs of its citizens.

We’d need a more self-aware, intelligent, and gracious leader for that – maybe someone like Trump, for example.

Anyhow, here’s an overview of what the races will look like (so far):

4th District – The Pothead vs. The Airhead

In one corner, we’ve got upstart politician and cannabis crusader, Dani Burkhart. Word is she is strong on pot, high on pot, and relatively undecided on just about any other issue. In her defense, it’s like, pretty hard these days to find the motivation to make up your mind about anything.

In a statement, she says she’ll bring a “holistic” approach to the job, which is weird because we’ve never heard of that strain before. Her schtick sounds great, but in our opinion, she’s un-electable due to her ties to the cannabis industry. There are too many folks who aren’t down with that in the 4th District for it to work. But we also said Bass is un-electable last time around, so who knows.

In the other corner…err, more precisely,sort of opposite from Burkhart (Virginia couldn’t find the corner, bless her heart), we’ve got resident airhead/incumbent, Virginia Bass.

Seeking her third term, Bass is running on the same platform we hear from every candidate – jobs! Homeless! Housing! Of course, between the amount of time she spends either at conferences or on vacation in Hawaii, Bass hasn’t really done much in any of those areas of concern. (Even the Betty Chinn hobo container thing was Rex Bohn’s doing.)

But on second thought, her time away might be a good thing – the less time she spends here f***ing things up, the better off we probably are.

*As an added bonus, we also understand that Mary Ann Lyons, a former organizer for the local Obama campaign, intends to run. We don’t know much about her except for her involvement in successful campaigns for people we don’t agree with – Austin Allison and Allen McCloskey – but she sure knows what she’s doing. If she runs, we think it goes her way. We’ll update you as things develop with her.

5th District – The Native vs. The Gnome

Humboldt’s Native son, Ryan Sundberg:

Here’s a nice piece in Humboldt magazine, which details how Sundberg rode his way to office on the coattails of his family and with the sway of the rancheria behind him: http://magazine.humboldt.edu/fall11/ryan-sundberg/

Amazingly, Sundberg has a business degree. Even more amazing, though, is how quick he is to tout his experience at the rancheria bringing jobs to Humboldt, when he’s done nothing of the sort after 7-ish years as a Supervisor. Go ahead and congratulate yourself, Ryan.

Lastly, let’s not forget Steve “The Gnome” Madrone, either. He’s super smart, is into most things watershed, and he’s got a groovy vibe. Check it:

In the Mad River Union, Madrone touted his experience pulling various weeds in ditches, and then planting those weeds in a different ditch, as the kind of problem-solving he’d bring to the table as a Supervisor.

Yes, seriously. Read a copy posted on LoCO:

Who is Sungnome Madrone? Candidate for Fifth District Supervisor Outlines His Platform, Experience

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to our brief guide, you’ll have noticed one similarity between all candidates – they all tout their ability to bring jobs to Humboldt County. Of course, not a single one of these folks can point to any experience in actually accomplishing that goal, nor have they demonstrated any capability to when given the chance. That includes both Bass and Sundberg, despite what their campaigns may tell you. 

But there’s another underlying similarity that ties them all together – none of them are qualified in the slightest. Between the four, we’ve got a cannabis consultant, a watershed expert, a former food server, and an insurance broker/casino lackey. Yay?

But, backgrounds aside, we don’t see the qualifications to tackle the issues we need solved. Long story short, it doesn’t matter what side you’re rooting for here. In the long run, you lose.

Though we hesitate to support any of them, we give a slight edge to the challengers – at least they haven’t proved to be totally inept panderers that are only interested in securing their pensions and paychecks.

Then again, we might eat our words. In any case, we can all look forward being thoroughly disappointed come the end of 2018.

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35 Responses to 2018 Supervisor Election Preview: Airhead vs. Pothead, Gnome vs. Native

  1. Arcatan says:

    Is this really the best we can do?


  2. Wendy says:

    Mary Ann did a really excellent job organizing for Obama. She might be a great choice. I’d like to know more about her positions and background. Has she officially announced that she’s running?


    • Hi Wendy,

      Welcome to THC! We haven’t been able to find out much about Ms. Lyons either. We’re sure that lots will be forthcoming as the election gets underway.

      Cheers, and thanks for dropping by.


    • Rusty says:

      Anyone could of done a good job organizing for Obama in Humboldt and California. That’s her qualification???? Really, that’s all you got?? I can stand on the street corner and hand out hundred dollar bills, still doesn’t qualify me for supervisor.


    • John Chiv says:

      Wendy, here is Mary Ann’s facebook page.


      If you want real and timely news, I suggest you expand your sources to sites that actually know what is going on and report news. There are plenty of sites including this one that are just an outlet for cut n paste and small town gossip.


      • John Chiv says:

        Mary Ann has been in the community for a while and many know her from when she was manager at the Co-op.
        And to the usual THC trolls that come out anytime I post, thanks for more free publicity. Speaking of drunks, THC conveniently forgets to mention Dleakeasy, Sea Grill, AA, the spots where Lee used to hang out. Did he leave town after botching up every election since 2010 due to his arrogance and incompetence?


      • Hi John.

        Thanks for the link to more information on Mary Ann. When we first heard her name mentioned we Googled and couldn’t find much information. For some reason the Facebook link didn’t pop up. Maybe we looked before she got the page up. Usually candidates set up a conventional site along with a Facebook page though it’s certainly their prerogative not to. We definitely look forward to learning more about her.

        Given the number of times we’ve stuck up for you, thanked and credited you as a source of good information, and deleted offensive comments we’re confused as to your more recent negative comments. In any event you’re entitled to any opinion you’d like. We’ll still continue to toast you with a fresh Mike’s Hard Lemonade when it’s deserved. BTW, last we checked we don’t generally mention any of the local eating establishments regardless of who might patronize them. We might if it was relevant to a particular post but it hasn’t come up so far.



      • Ted says:

        John Chiv repeatedly takes the troll bait for publicity? And you accuse others of having no life? Wow.


      • Nothing better to do on Thanksgiving?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I will be supporting anybody but the drunk. Eight years and nothing to show for it except a great big hangover. Time for someone else to have a chance.


  4. Fed Up Eureka Voter says:

    What is it about Eureka that causes it’s representatives to ignore their supporters and pander to their opposition? First Neeley and now Bass, two peas in a pod. At least Bonnie was a competent administrator who could stay sober past 3:00pm.


  5. Garrets Mom says:

    If we are going to create a real economy, build safe and friendly communities, and enact meaningful environmental protections we need smart capable people to step up and run for office. As long as all we get are those who can’t make it anywhere else we are screwed.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Virginia seems like a nice person but Eureka is in much worse shape than when she took office. I know it’s not all her fault but it really bothers me that she’s having drunken breakdowns while she’s on a taxpayer paid trip to Sacramento. That’s just not okay. At the very least she should apologize and get some help. I think it’s time to give someone else a chance.


  7. Fed Up Eureka Voter says:

    I’ll start worrying about the source of the material right after Virginia Bass says that the allegations are untrue. I have heard confirmations from multiple people who would know about both the Sacrament incident as well as similar drunken scenes around Eureka.


  8. Arcatan says:

    It’s worthwhile to note that not a single Bass supporter or troll has denied that the Sacramento drunken cry-fest occurred. Even Roy Moore has managed to come up with a few tin foil hatters to swear that the bear didn’t shit in the woods.


  9. Blair and Her Dog says:

    The right wing Eureka business crowd bought and paid for Bass and now they are complaining that the candidate who was willing to be bought doesn’t have the integrity to stay that way and is now selling out for votes on the other side. You got exactly what you paid for guys.


    • Welcome Blair and hound,

      Thanks for the particularly insightful comment. We think you and your canine partner nailed the situation perfectly. Drop us a note with your address and we’ll put some THC swag in the mail to you.



  10. T-Boned says:

    The real drug and alcohol problems on the BOS.

    We have a Supervisor who was arrested during his campaign for DUI.

    We had another Supervisor candidate that was arrested not once, but twice for DUI and dropped out of his campaign.

    We have a Supervisor who dropped out of his South Humboldt high school to work a marijuana farm.

    We have another Supervisor who dropped out of high school. He then had a Connection to a 4th Street bar where he “allegedly” sold heroin and meth. He now transports poundage for his drug dealer son and brags about being on the County dime while going to RCRC meetings around the state and dropping off “product” at marijuana dispensaries.

    Finally we have the disgraced former planning commissioner who buys his scotch not by the bottle, but by the cask. He also voted on land use issues while a member of the PC that he had a personal financial interest in.


  11. Why’s my grade? says:

    I’ll take a stab-

    DUI during campaign – Sundberg

    DUI drop out – Wheetley

    MJ High School dropout – ???

    Drug dealer – Bohn

    Drunk planning commissioner – Ulansey


  12. John Chiv says:



  13. John Chiv says:

    THC, yes you have stuck up for me in the past and I appreciate that but then things changed. No response to my emails.You have also allowed certain people like “Esther” to leave comments which have no basis but to harass me. You only link LOCO lately even if they were not the first ones or only ones to cover a topic. I found the recent post about Virginia in poor taste as did others. That was really low. You never cover Greg Dale or Richard Marks or Lee Ulansey. You have bias in what and who you call out. I also have and can provide facts about many movers and shakers as well as their spoiled progeny ending up in court. I think you are well funded and not an anonymous blog calling out the government.
    So the change in attitude is based on many reasons, because THC has changed. I also dont understand why you cant state Lee Ulansey has nothing to do with THC, unless he does? I hope to return to the mutual respect, like before.


    • John Chiv says:

      Ted, must be you who forgot your meds since you troll and make this claim a lot. You are nothing but another drunk, stoned, insecure Humboldt loser afraid to use your name and contribute nothing. See how that works on the internet? Anyone can say anything. Humboldt gossipers favorite themes when they have no facts or are just plain asses (as in your case) is to make claims of “meds”, “meltdown” blah blah. Ted, so which personality will you troll with next? You idiots don’t even realize the more you criticize me, the more it shows you are threatened by the truth, jerks and you add to my credibity. So “Ted” unless you can show up and say this to my face, go crawl back in the hole where you belong. Nothing you say or do matters because you are a backward hick with zero impact on me or a anything else. Can’t even come up with an original insult.


    • Ted says:

      For Chiv, first to report matters more than quality of reporting, spelling, political bias, etc.


      • John Chiv says:

        Yes, Ted, your tired line. Typos occur in publications that “proofread” too as well as msm media. When you report live and scoop other outlets daily with other multiple staffers, typos occur, and can be fixed. What original news has been there lately anywhere else?
        I see you still have no life and no where else to spew your garbage. No facts, just insults. Fact is your disgruntled leftie, sole jealous opinion means nothing. Still a coward behind a screen?

        Come back when you have something to offer that is not your denial and la la sickness. You Ted are no different than ISIS. An intolerant, fanatical loser with nothing to offer. Your little game is boring and is no longer fun for me. Buh bye.


      • Kneeland says:

        Jon Chiv is always at war with someone. Fragile man with a giant ego.


      • Okay Guys, No one has crossed a decency line in your last few comments but they are all well off topic. We have chosen not to do much moderating so far but that could change. Might we suggest a couple Mike’s Hard Lemonades to settle your nerves? Failing that you might consider a more appropriate venue. Cheers!


  14. John Chiv says:

    To clarify ending up in court just refers to spoiled progeny.


  15. John Chiv says:

    THC, I dont start the off topic rants. You know the IPS that troll. If you are going to allow these constant anon trolls to spew lies, this is the forum. Kneeland, stop describing yourself and the other losers annoyed that you cant get bully me. What’s the matter, booze run out early today and no refill?


    • Hi John, We agree, you didn’t start the rant at all and we have no problem with your defending yourself. Our suggestion that the conversation go elsewhere was directed at the initial troublemaker not your response. We would also generally prefer that comments stay on topic but that effort seems pretty futile so we go along for as long as we can stand it. Unfortunately as you well know there are lots of ways to disguise an IPS. We can’t block the more sophisticated trolls without massive moderation that would require us to constantly review and approve everyone so we are kind of stuck. If you have a way please let us know and we’d be happy to check it out. Meanwhile we will continue to do our best to jump on comments that cross the line as quickly as possible. If our efforts aren’t good enough for you we feel bad but we’re doing the best we can. Fortunately due to our constant promotion of our favorite refreshment we receive a pretty constant supply of Mike’s Hard Lemonade so don’t fret for us. Cheers!


      • John Chiv says:

        Thanks THC. I agree about the moderation. THC’s response, nothing better to do on Thanksgiving says it lol. And it is not just on Thanksgiving that thesectrolls have nothing to do.

        On the plus side, THC and my site obviously have interesting stuff since the trolls love to stalk and comment multiple times a day.

        Mike’s Hard Lemonade is a good reward. Trolls dont get any. New comment policy!


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