THC POLL: Who’s the biggest lush on the Board of Supervisors?

For all their faults, some of Humboldt’s Supervisor’s like to party. And we can’t fault them for that. Besides, drunkenness is pretty much the only way we can explain most of the boneheaded decisions they make.

But we’ve caught wind over the last year or two about a particular Supervisor who just happens to like the sauce a wee bit too much apparently.

We’ll set the scene for you: a gathering of many  County Supervisors from around the state, who all get together for some dinner and a drinks after a long day of meetings (presumably about doing things to benefit their area, wish our Supervisors took those lessons to heart.) One Supervisor, from Humboldt County, goes a little over board and ends up causing quite the scene – we’re talking crying, yelling, spilling the beans on personal problems, etc. – in front of their peers. And apparently, this lewd behavior was not just a one time thing.

When we first heard this, we brushed it off as an exaggeration. Plus, as devout Hard Lemonade enthusiasts, we also felt a little protective of a Supervisor’s right to throw one or two back.

Alas, in this day and age, even THC has to watch how much we imbibe, and that’s just because mom keeps getting mad at us for peeing in the corner of the basement.

So can you imagine just how wildly inappropriate and embarrassing it is for an elected official to go over the top and cause a scene in front of their peers? We’re talking about embarrassing for our county, by the way, as  the Supervisor in question clearly has gotten over their hangups about being a drunken mess.

And, yeah, this is really more of a THC Pop Quiz than it is a Poll, because there is a correct answer here. But we’re curious just how widespread the reputation of our resident wino-Supervisor exactly is.

So, without further ado, please tell us:

Who’s the biggest lush on the Board of Supervisors?

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25 Responses to THC POLL: Who’s the biggest lush on the Board of Supervisors?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have heard the story of the infamous Sac meltdown from a very reliable source before. If you care to dig a little further you’ll find that a certain supervisor was also counseled for excessive drinking while on the job by their prior employer. Word is that a suggested resignation isn’t quite the same as quitting.

    Alcoholism is a terrible and unfortunate disease but by all accounts the first step is to acknowledge the problem and seek help in an in-patient facility. Lets hope that the person in question opens their eyes to their problem and checks themselves into a reputable hospital soon.


  2. terrylc says:

    They’re all drunk with power, and that’s even scarier than who consumes the most booze.

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    • Welcome Terry! We completely agree with your assessment but it’s another thing entirely when those drunk with power are also drunk with liquor while doing the peoples business. It’s even worse when sobbing drunken breakdowns occur in front of colleagues while representing Humboldt as a whole.

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  3. Todd says:

    I can’t speak to the specific events mentioned by others but I can personally attest to having several times seen Virginia Bass drive away from The Carter House in a total stupor after being cut off by the bartender a little too late. I think the Carter House staff might have been too afraid of Virginia’s backlash to say or do anything more then send her on her way.


  4. JDM says:

    Virginia and I went to school together so I have known her for many years and she has always been a heavy drinker. Lke a lot of people she sometimes gets morose when drinking. This can lead to scenes and bad outcomes. At least two of her ex-husbands will tell you that drinking contributed at least in part to their divorce. I like Virginia and have supported her in the past but the pressures of being supervisor have taken a big toll on her. I think she needs professional help and some time off to get herself grounded.


  5. Arcatan says:

    I’m not a particular fan of Ms. Bass but I do hope she gets any help she needs.


  6. RGB says:

    How is Mr. Matthew Owen handling this rather uncomfortable situation with his wife?


    • Anonymous Too says:

      Are you kidding? Matthew is the CAUSE of her problem. Their feuding and screaming matches are the stuff of legend. Is there a single friend that Virginia hasn’t pour her heart out to or cried enough to fill a swimming pool?


  7. John Fullerton says:

    This is not your finest hour THC


    • Hi John, Thanks for dropping by. Generally we would agree that personal issues particularly medical conditions should remain private. However, once a personal problem starts effecting the general public as it does when an official is representing the entire county then the line is crossed and is fair game. You will note that we have never before brought up Ms. Bass’s well known drinking problem. It wasn’t until she totally lost her cookies at a Sacramento meeting with statewide implications that we posted. Take a look nationally right now. The personal lives and inappropriate sexual conduct of prominent individuals and public officials is the headline of every news channel on the air. Why should drunkenness and the public embarrassment of 150,000 Humboldt residents be any different. No, we’re not comparing alcoholism to rape but what if a drunken official murdered a pedestrian after leaving a political event? Is drunken vehicular homicide comparable to sexual harassment? Would you consider the public’s right to know at that point? Of course you would, but really from the point of the officials inappropriate behavior the difference is only one of luck. Are Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein only shitheads because they got caught? Think about it.

      Good news! We just got home with a fresh case of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Mom took the keys to the moped away so you’re safe from us for the the night but who knows who else might be getting a little tipsy right now. Look both ways before crossing!



  8. Rusty says:

    Accused, Tried and Convicted in three days. Nice work THC. John Fullerton aside the rest of us don’t have the balls to do 1/4 the job Bass does.


  9. Uri Driscoll says:

    Even though I hate to admit it in public I often appreciate some of THC’s smart assyness. But this piece is the dumb ass side of THC. Must of drank some knock off Mike’s. Or maybe not enough.
    Keep up the good work, Do better on the crappy stuff. We need you.


    • Fed Up Eureka Voter says:

      I for one really appreciate knowing that my representative is going on drunken benders and making a fool of herself and our county while she’s in Sacramento supposedly representing my interests. Jeeze, if she can’t hold it together in front of a group of statewide legislators what does that say about her judgement in general.

      Thanks THC for keeping us informed about what the kind of representation we are getting. Keep it up!


  10. Ed says:

    This thread is littered with comments from failed candidates who still don’t get it.

    Thank you THC for sharing important info to the voters.


  11. Uri Driscoll says:

    And from anonymous posers living in their parents basements.


  12. Tall Trees says:

    Interesting. She needs help and should resign.


  13. Inquiring minds want to know says:

    Which elected officials are growing pot other than Rec Bohn’s son?


  14. Leeland says:

    What is the difference between God and Lee Ulansey?
    God doesn’t think he is Lee Ulansey.

    Also God doesn’t have a unonymous blogsite.


    • Welcome Leeland,

      We’ve herd this guess before and always gotten a laugh. We consider the comparison to be part compliment (the small part) and part reefer madness. Apparently we’re not the only ones with a fetish for Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Anyone who has paid any attention to THC at all would know better. Keep on trying though. We welcome those of all persuasions.

      Thanks for dropping by.



      • You are who we thought you were says:

        Prove you’re not Lee’s lapdog then. Otherwise we’ll continue assuming that’s the case.


      • Arcatan says:

        As someone who’s followed THC pretty closely it’s my humble opinion that THC is someone or more than one who has a significant overlap with Ulansey’s mindset and identifies with many of the same issues but also has notable differences. In reviewing many prior posts and comments my bet is that THC and Ulansey probably know or at worst know of each other but have had some major disagreements that put them at odds personally while they share a similar but not identical ideology. I personally appreciate some but not all of their perspectives but not always their methodologies even as different as I find them. I would likely find a debate between them to be fascinating but I bet they would hate it.


  15. Laughs On You says:

    I know Lee and he moved out of the area a year or so ago. I am quite sure that the one thing in the world he cares least about is local politics.


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