Harbor District tabs Larry Oetker as next Executive Director

According to THC’s usually reliable network of informants, we are hearing that Larry Oetker, formerly the Director of Community Development, is set to become the next Executive Director of Humboldt’s Harbor District.

THC thinks this is actually a kick-ass move, and that it will hopefully help the Harbor District move away from it’s shady and financially disastrous past few years.

Though we are shocked to say this, Arcata has shown that is is head and shoulders above every other local jurisdiction when it comes to sensible governance and the ability to balance attracting business and ensuring environmental protection.

Oetker was instrumental in a lot of Arcata’s works, and we’ve got high hopes for him at the Harbor District. Now, if only he can wrest control away from the nincompoops and swindlers that act as Commissioners, our harbor might show signs of life.

Oetker will fill the role of former Executive Director Jack Crider, who’s tenure at the Harbor District was an absolute nightmare.

Read more about that here:

Crider makes sweet escape as Harbor District spirals the drain towards bankruptcy

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1 Response to Harbor District tabs Larry Oetker as next Executive Director

  1. Michael Hunt says:

    Best wishes to you Mr. Oetker. Crider left you a huge mess to clean up. Please be transparent with the public as you uncover and fix all Crider’s past misdeeds. We deserve to know the full truth about his illegal and unethical practices.


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