Wait, there was an election yesterday? Post-election round up: taxes bad, cannabis is king, CR still screwed

Shit, we slept right through yesterdays election, Humboldt! That’s because we always vote absentee, but even so…we almost completely forgot about it!

And it’s okay if you did too.

A quick round-up:

  • Cannabis rules everything around us, including Rio Dell now.
  • The good people of Blue Lake don’t like taxes, especially for b.s. fire chief salaries
  • College of the Redwoods has two new Board members. We look forward to absolutely nothing positive or of substance happening for the school.

What really piqued our interest about the College of the Redwoods board election was one of the incumbents’ claims that “outside interests” conspired to hand his opponent, Dan Kelley, the win on election night. While that sounds scary –  like we touched on yesterday – are we seriously to believe that Humboldt’s rampant corruption trickled down into CR’s election race simply because there was nowhere else for it to go? We suppose that Robert Mueller won’t be bringing the hammer down on CR’s election scandal any time soon, but the real question is – why was there such a (relative) uproar over school board seats?

Apparently, according to the bastion of neutral, non-partisan thought which is the Lost Coast Outpost, liberals celebrated the wins of newcomers Kelley and Bonnie Deister, and good for them.

But again…what are we cheering for here? Moral victories? Getting to tell snobby conservatives to suck it because liberals totally run CR now? Or is this the final piece in the puzzle that allows liberals to brainwash Humboldt’s young adults with the liberal agenda?

As for Rio Dell and Blue Lake, it seems that the only inevitable thing in Humboldt County nowadays is pot and taxes. So, THC extends our hearty congratulations to Blue Lake for staving off the inexorable march of fire taxes. Huzzah!

Rio Dell was not so lucky, but hey, now they can also hang their hopes and dreams on a cannabis tax revenue that will likely never materialize at the expected levels. Welcome to the party Rio Dell, you and the County of Humboldt will get along great.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, we can finally focus on next year’s big election, which most importantly (for Humboldt) features two Supervisorial showdowns.

THC has our first round of coverage on those races coming up this weekend, in a piece tentatively titled “Gnomes and Natives, Potheads vs. Airheads.”

Stay tuned!

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One Response to Wait, there was an election yesterday? Post-election round up: taxes bad, cannabis is king, CR still screwed

  1. Disillusioned says:

    The North Coast Socialists People’s Alliance picked on C/R this time because there were no other races for them to stick their noses in this year.


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