Return to the Palco Marsh: City of Eureka now returning homeless to the waterfront with help from PG&E, Chinn

No, Humboldt, you’re not imagining things. Roughly a year and half after the City of Eureka evicted a ton of homeless folks from the Palco Marsh, the City has come up with a great new plan to create up to 24 new homeless housing units – and they’re proposing to put these units a short stroll away from the area the homeless were evicted from.

Sure, the proposed camp – which you can read more about here – will feature some new amenities like refurbished construction trailers, better facilities and presumably some supervision.

But the proposal to house a small percentage of the area’s homeless back in the marsh area begs a question – just what in the hell is the City of Eureka doing about the homeless problem, anyway? It sure seems to THC like this new plan – cooked up between the City, PG&E, and the Betty Chinn Foundation – is merely bringing us full circle to where the homeless will once again be given permission to occupy publicly owned lands. To essentially the same place that, once again, the City expended a shit ton of time and money to get people out of.

So what gives? We’ve said before that Eureka’s eviction of the homeless in the Palco Marsh had very little to do with helping the homeless or protecting the community, and everything to do with the sweet, sweet cash that the City received to build the trail. Not to mention the money the City hopes will roll in from tourists who will use the trail.

It seems like the City proposing to move homeless back into these areas is an indication that, indeed, solving the issue for both the homeless and the greater community was not the driving force behind the marsh eviction.

And, judging from the eyeball test, the City’s efforts haven’t made any dent in the local homeless population. Take a look around Eureka, or all of Humboldt County, and see for yourself. Do you honestly believe there are less homeless? For the record, THC does not think that the annual pilgrimage of trimmers can account for the surge in numbers.

A reader suggested to us that there are more homeless in the area than this time last year, and we have to wonder – do housing facilities such as the Blue Angel Village or the proposed PG&E site do anything to reduce the homeless problem, or are they contributing to it?

We’ve long been fans of Betty Chinn’s work – at least someone is trying to do something quantifiable about the issue. But if the City continues supporting and creating opportunities for homeless to receive exceptional support and housing, is this solving the problem? Or has it gone from helping the community combat homelessness to enabling homelessness to expand?

THC would hazard a guess that we’re experiencing an influx. And since you asked, no, the proposed PG&E/Chinn site does not solve many of the problems that the community has had with . One might say it could even increase foot traffic that businesses and residents objected to in the past because the new site is even further from critical homeless services than the old encampment. Aside from moving the problem further away from the public view, it doesn’t accomplish many of the larger goals.

And that’s not good enough. We don’t want to keep sweeping problem under the rug – we want to actually make improvements. Seems like the City of Eureka is content to just keep passing the buck.

We hear the new trail is nice, though.

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7 Responses to Return to the Palco Marsh: City of Eureka now returning homeless to the waterfront with help from PG&E, Chinn

  1. Scared Shitless says:

    Never have I been more afraid for Eureka than I have these past few years. The entire city council, city manager and city attorney should be fired and that is just a start. Can any of them be any more incompetent than that group?


    • zoltanwelvart says:

      Correct about incompetent , an algal bloom is used in sewage treatment . The house on the hill,outside of town has an overflowing outhouse.the whole hill is covered with green coating,from detergents ,phosforus . From NPK,that that feeds their sterile,from faber/bosch process,farm soil,50 to 90% runs into rivers . domonic , absolutely.a vigorous bloom,fed most of the elements,some in traces , now is used on wierld’s largest pit mines,used to extract metals,poison locals . Algae is now used to get the lead out..what I’m getting at is the biggest pit that removed 1/2 million ounces of gold last year , is now blockaded by locals.right next to the largest phytoplankton deposit there is,that hasn’t been cooked , squeezed , into crude that we can burn up in our cars . Co2 is absorbed by the sea to make carbonic acid.amd that algae eats . Half of sea’s algae is missing.our walled cities . Walled countries are all wrong.pendejos.


  2. John Chiv says:

    👍Well said. When the City of Eureka gets another grant that they “must act on”, will the people moved here be dispersed all over the community again? Building more housing, affordable housing and allowing development is a practical, long term solution. The no growth contingent should take their responsibility for the lack of housing. Anyone voting for any local and state official that deters private enterprise is the problem. Living off grants and growing government is the source of Humboldt’s problems. Keep them dependent, keep them clueless, keep them divided.


  3. Gramstude says:

    A vote for Virginia Bass is a vote for Betty Chinn… We don’t need another palco marsh
    We don’t need another container village.. We need more law enforcement due to the increase of property crime. Cutting back funds to the city police and continuing to fund a homeless center, is a slap to the tax payers and citizens of this city. As Betty said its a cancer and she is right


  4. Sbragger says:

    I think its a good idea to put them back at marsh ….because now that they have nowhere to go ,it also puts them in an even more desperate position…and desperate people do desperate things human nature…and they now all over and not just in one spot…of course crime went up…that was predictable for many….people dont just vanish in to thin air and what did people think would happen when they were told to leave the only place for them to be is in the streets of eureka because thats what people said they wanted…duh…happy u got your way now….people dont think much


  5. zoltanwelvart says:

    Trump said he will jail these thieving charities and welfare frauds . He is the real retard in charge .


  6. UnCommonSense says:

    It’s obvious to me why they chose the marsh for this project. The Coastal Commission will shoot their plan down, just like the last two “plans” the Council put forth. The Council will then say “well, we tried…”, just like the last two times. Their ‘plausible deniability’ is implausible, at best.


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