City of Eureka cuts nearly $1 million from police department in order to make payments on CALPERS retirement plans

You know how the City of Eureka seems to have a pretty bad problem when it comes to all things crime? From petty theft, to violence, to lighting transients on fire – these sure seem like times when the people of Eureka would sleep more soundly at night knowing that their City government is doing all that they can to ensure the streets are safe and adequately policed.

But it also seems like the City of Eureka just doesn’t care about making life easier, or safer, for residents. Here’s a breakdown of how drastically the City of Eureka has been curtailing the Police Department’s ability to deal with a very difficult city  – and some conjecture on just what kind of cuts the City of Eureka can anticipate in the future.

For the fiscal year of 2015-2016, (FY 15/16) the Police budget was cut by $834,000. Which is a big, big deal in a community as small as Eureka. But we don’t think that the City of Eureka really wants to cut the police budget, even if they are idiots. It’s just that they can’t afford to do anything else.

You see, the reason they’re raiding the police department’s coffers is because one certain expense will continue rising at an incredible rate over the next decade. That expense, of course, is the money owed by Eureka to CALPERS so that they can continue to pay off their enormous debt from pensions. And the payments are only going to get worse.

Check this:

FY 15/16 PERS catch-up funding: $921,038

FY 16/17 PERS catch-up funding: $1,022,325

FY 17/18  PERS catch-up funding: $3,130,314

FY 18/19 PERS catch-up funding (projected): $3,673,486.

That’s a four year total of $8,747,463, folks. In additional payments.

That’s right,  the payments listed above only represent the “catch-up” payments due to CALPERS from Eureka, and not the total amount that they are actually paying into the program. Those numbers are far, far higher.

Eureka already had to slash close to a million dollars from their police budget in order to meet the demand of CALPERS payments – and even then, the police cuts didn’t totally offset the money owed by the City.

So what happens over the next three years, when the additional money Eureka has to pay to CALPERS will more than triple?

What do you think is next on the chopping block as the money directed towards Eureka’s CALPERS catch-up funding siphons off more of the public’s resources? We’ll have more on that for later this week.

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21 Responses to City of Eureka cuts nearly $1 million from police department in order to make payments on CALPERS retirement plans

  1. John Chiv says:

    THC, after disappearing for quite a,while, I hoped for something original. Patrick Cloney already beat you to this startling news in his My Word in the TS and again on Sept 17 m/in a post on my blog. Patrick actually provided documents. With your “access”, you couldnt get any real info on the current financial woes of the City? The CALPers shtick is old news.


    • John Chiv says:

      To the trolls: you can save your snarky comments about typos or anything else. Left a quick comment in between reporting on other news. No edit feature. Don’t care.


      • Chivas says:

        Holy dogshit, Chiv is such an annoying little ass with the petty insults to this blog

        I hearby nominate you for Douchbag of the Year Chiv


    • Hi John, Sorry, Mom’s house was broken into by some of Eureka’s homeless tweakers. The thieves actually got into our stash of Mike’s Hard Lemonade along with doing a ton of damage. Fortunately they were caught in the act but not before messing with our laptop. We are back after a couple weeks with a new (to us) computer and much needed repairs to secure Mom and the basement. We’re not so concerned with being scooped by a well informed citizen as we are with keeping the public aware of the dire economic situation our officials have inflicted on us. Kudo’s to Mr. Cloney for his letters and to you too for posting his insights. We figure it’s not about being first but reaching out to as many as possible. Any time you end up with a typo or two feel free to drop us a line and we’d be happy to fix it for you. Cheers!


      • John Chiv says:

        Thanks THC. The laptop is serious but messing with Mike’s Hard Lemonade is unforgivable!
        Maybe THC could check out how financially fiscal the City of Eureka really is while I take a much needed vacation. Or the side effect of being cranky because nothing changes in Humboldt may become a permanent condition.


    • Gramstude says:

      Where do you think THC got their information? At least THC covered the topic in detail your blog didn’t even scratch the surface. Is city is in deep shit financially and everyone is avoiding the elephant in the room because their pensions are on the line too.


      • John Civ says:

        Gramstude, if you think my blog just scratched the surface, maybe you need glasses. You are entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine. The difference is have evidence to back my opinion and I use my name.
        Anonymous opinions ,anonymous blogs, anonymous critics take zero risk. Critics like you are persistent but a minority. Instead of sniping at me, get out there. You havent changed this County in decades. Took an outsider like me to shine the light on the bs that has gone on while you cower, attack anonynously. Self made successful people get me, the others don’t matter.


  2. Lynn Mae says:

    Sadly, Eureka is not alone in the situation of owing much more than they had budgeted for. What is really alarming to me is that people that I have thought might be aware of the pension debacle up and down the state aren’t.
    One person asked my why I didn’t support people she had recommended (for a public office—of course, I never do) and I told her I expect the elected officials to stop focusing on immigration and sanctuary cities (important for some, but not more than a more issue for most Californians) and get to work on fixing the pension problems.
    She knew nothing about it. She’s a retired teacher and monitors the pension fund for teachers and says they’re in good shape. I’m going to provide some info for her, but for readers of THC, here’s a very cautionary story about how the City of San Bernadino filed for bankruptcy because there were no other options.
    They also cut back on police services.

    I wonder how stable HumCo is?

    Since you cover the courts & crime beat John, you know that the state has been pushing (and pushing) responsibility onto the counties and cities for so many of the things that crime, punishment and after punishment (parole systems, etc) but if you read the bills, they all seem to say “Sorry, we don’t have to reimburse you for this”
    There’s so many things Sacto has done (all the recent soft-on-criminals laws) this failure to fund local authorities should be something to ask our elected representatives to be proactive in some roll-backs in bad laws..

    Now back to the Pension Tension…a couple links for serious information and numbers. You can find out the indebtedness for Market Pension Debt/Household of a city or county…and yes, both Eureka and Humboldt are on the list.


  3. John Chiv says:

    Chivas, one cares about what your loser troll douchebag self thinks. Are you THC? Nope. You are an annoying loser who has no life but to predictably comment and watch every move I make. You are the reason Humboldt and Eureka are such shitholes. Insecure losers like you with no life, no guts, no real talent, no success except to stalk, lie and harass. And always anonymous. Pathetic loser whose entire life is obsessed with me. I anmoy you. Good. And I will keep doing it until your pea brain learns to shut up and stop your bullish, juvenile behavior.


  4. John Chiv says:

    Esther, maybe you should take your own advice about getting laid. Clearly you have a lot of time to waste obsessing about me. I am busy being productive and my personal life is something you have no clue about. While we do have some jerks who are “conservative”, it is only the radical alt left locally and nationally that gets nasty and sexual when they have no intelligent point to present. If you had a brain, you would stop commenting because your juvenile attacks are backfiring on you and your cause. Keep it up if you want, you are doing a great job of recruiting more converts to the conservative and moderate parties and causes.


    • Esther says:

      You’re making my point for me John. Enough with the never-ending conservative vs. liberal smears, I work harder that you, I contribute more to the community that you bullshit, yada yada non-stop hysterical nonsense. Your whole mood & outlook will turn if you can manage to find a romantic interest.

      Give it a try, huh?


      • John Chiv says:

        Esther, get some mental help. You are a creep, a stalker . I am not the one obsessed with YOU. I am not the one who hates people based on their political beliefs, it is you. You can claim you do a lot but you are just an empty anon behind a screen. Unlike you, I can handle both a personal life and be busy. You are a pissy, miserable little insecure snit that cannot let go of the need to keep commenting to me, about me and being obsessed about whether I have romance in my life. You are not my type, so give it up. I think you get off on these little debates because you are alone and lonely. So from now on, find another obsession, or keep ranting. You bore me. Go ahead, respond. I won’t. You cant help it. You will never face me in person and you keep proving I am right about your deranged, creepy, cowardly self. Rest of us are discussing the topic at hand. You cannot because you have nothing to contribute.


      • Esther says:



  5. Gramstude says:

    So lets fund more homeless centers and villages once the city is bankrupt that’s all that will be left. Oh and the working class zeros with no future. Eureka will turn into a homeless paradise 3 hots and a cot. Oh right it already is. By the way,Virginia Bass a homeless advocate is up for reelection… Are they getting another raise soon? $87.000 is a hunk of change. Bet she gets a nice pension.


  6. Harold Wood says:

    Now they are wanting another sales tax increase for”law Enforcement”! Tax, tax and more!


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