County hires expensive consultant to survey what Humboldt wants out of their airport; THC has a free answer

According to a recent Fly Humboldt e-mail update forwarded to us by a THC fan, the County of Humboldt has hired consulting firm Volaire Aviation to figure out what Humboldt-ians think would make the Humboldt Redwood County – Arcata-oh-wait-McKinleyville Airport better.

This is just the latest instance of the County wasting our tax money on a pointless survey, and similarly just the latest instance of the County flapping their wings trying to make ACV anything more than a laughing stock.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for the County to pull the plug on the survey (which, if you’re interested, you can complete by going to this page on the County website) and save some money. The good news is that the County won’t have to wait for Volaire Aviation to close the survey in order to find the answers they’re looking for.

And that’s because THC has the three key answers for them readily available! So, County of Humboldt, listen up. What do people want out of their airport?

Flights! More flights. At least, more than the 4 daily scheduled departures currently available through United Airlines. (A key part of more flights is, of course, attracting more airlines.)

Aside from that one big golden nugget of advice, we’d say cheaper fares and reliable service – which, thanks to fog, the County can’t do much about. (Remember, the County is better at blowing smoke up people’s asses than it is at removing fog or smoke from the air.)

We  encourage all of our readers to go over and take the survey. Who knows, maybe THC is dead wrong and spending $250,000 to revamp the airport’s restaurant will bring air travelers flocking in droves. But we’re probably right.

All that we know for sure is that spending our scarce public monies on idiotic surveys is doing absolutely nothing for our air services, and the County’s attempts to bring in more airlines have been just about as effective.

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1 Response to County hires expensive consultant to survey what Humboldt wants out of their airport; THC has a free answer

  1. Rusty says:

    The best route the County could take is to offer a salary large enough to attract a Manager that knows how the airline, airport systems work and ability to win the Federal grants that are readily available. Consistently for the for years the best maintained runway in the county has been Eureka Muni on the peninsula. Granted it not used much but it’s not neglected. It receives regular scheduled maintenance. The Woman who manages it uses a system called a ” budget ” she obviously plans for her yearly budget in advance to have the money’s available to cover the cost of the maintenance items that must be performed come hell or high water.
    This extremely common ” system ” has worked in the past very well you just need the right brain power to implement it.
    Pete Peterson current FFA manager would be a great fit if he could be persuaded. Couple of his underlings would also work, these are intelligent people who would be interested I’m sure for the right price.
    My God the airport’s are so screwed up right now they can’t even budget to get the landscaping maintained.
    The Airport Manager position is not a P.R. job, it needs a person with the many talents the job demands. We don’t need another manager in training like so many of the County hires. We want a we’ll maintained, safe airport. The low fares and multiple flights just are not going to happen anytime soon with the current economic conditions. Unless bums, heroin addicts, meth addicts and common everyday theives that our permissive, progressive Representatives have cultivated become some nouvelle tourist attraction…… we’re screwed.


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