Renee Saucedo encourages Supervisors to break state and federal law

It sure didn’t take long for Renee Saucedo, of True North Organizing Network and Humboldt Area Foundation fame, to prove THC’s point about her efforts to pointlessly stir shit up in our communities.

Most recently, and in perfect conjunction with a slew of THC posts which looked into Saucedo’s inflammatory efforts on behalf of HAF, True North, and Pat Cleary, Saucedo took to Humboldt’s Board of Supervisors chambers to tell the Supes that their defiant “civil rights” resolution does not go far enough. Saucedo would prefer that the Supervisors pass an “enforceable ordinance”. Honestly, THC has no idea what she means by that, because the County of Humboldt has ZERO authority when it comes to the ICE.

County Sheriff Honsal, who sounded a little bewildered by the sheer idiocy of the people advocating Saucedo’s position, had this to say the Board: “I believe that the way the state laws are written in California is the way we need to go.”

THC probably would have said: “Piss off, Saucedo, no ordinance that we pass in Humboldt County means diddly squat in the face of state and federal law. You know that, so stop trying to make us look like assholes.”

Of course, he already went on record at length to point out that the Sheriff has no say when it comes to the actions of federal agents. Predictably, that got ignored by people like Saucedo, who want to frame the issue however they like.

Here’s a link to the Times-Standard article with Saucedo’s comments:

Supervisors ok civil rights resolution, critics say it doesn’t go far enough

The irony, of course, is that should the County of Humboldt follow through with such a ludicrous action then the entire County would be open to punishment from state and federal authorities. But maybe that’s exactly what Saucedo wants – to have all of Humboldt County suffer?

Heck, as John Chiv pointed out over on his blog, Saucedo was even willing to use her elderly mother as a ploy to get sympathy points. Not once, but twice. (The Honorable John Chiv has a nice compilation of links to all things Saucedo, check it out.)


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15 Responses to Renee Saucedo encourages Supervisors to break state and federal law

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    Since Renee taught at CoR, I’m thinking she has a degree or something so maybe I’m a little slow intellectually right now but has she read (actually read and understood) what’s she’s asking various governments to do? If someone else goes to the Board of Supervisors to ask them to change the county code for some purpose, aren’t they supposed to do a little work and find out what laws are involved? I’m told there’s a decent law library at the Court House, I remember using it in the past myself. Even better, anyone can go on line and look up the codes there.
    I haven’t read her arguments but from the responses I guess the only thing she’s done is make demands based on her own beliefs. Did anyone elect her to represent them? (not that I’ve heard about) Has anyone in real authority appointed her to even look into what is possible? Anyone? I’d say raise your hand but replying to THC on this website would be better.
    Really, looking at what I’ve read in various papers/blogs/tv spots, I think she has little respect for elected officials except when she wants something, then she demands it.
    Just about everyone wants something (the rest are saints or doing heavy drugs) but do any of us
    GET what we want, even when it’s to benefit someone else or some good cause? (and my brain is starting to play the Stones’ Can’t Always Get What You Want—and if you don’t know the rest of the words, go to youtube).
    Do the people who have followed her around on a march against deportations feel any safer, any happier, because of that march? The problem with a protest march (and yes, I do know about them) is that for those most impacted by what you protest against, well they’ve been made more aware of what can happen. Unless there’s someone there to give factual, legal information AND a phone number AND reassurances then all the camaraderie means nothing when you’re back in your own place with the same problems. Not to mention tired from all the walking and then listening to the speeches when you’d rather be home with your family.
    So what has she really done for these people she claims she’s helping. Organizing. Whoopee.
    Being an activist. (that tells me nothing, just another buzz word). Demanding, demanding, demanding. Talking about how things have to change. Since they don’t seem to be getting better then either her approach isn’t working or she really doesn’t understand what functional, positive, organizing does. I lived in SF and saw the No Grapes campaign by the UFW. It didn’t accomplish all it hoped but it put the UFW on the map and changes did come.
    I have no factual information, only observations and opinions but based on other ‘organizers’ I’ve seen over the years, I don’t think Renee want to build up anyone or anything, I think she wants to tear it down. Her way of doing things can’t and won’t work but in the process it does hurt a lot of people and damage all sorts of things like businesses and professionals and just ordinary people who would like to help but because they won’t do it HER way, they’re shut out.
    Renee Sauacedo wants to tear things down. She wants to undo the system we’re living under. If the people she’s supposed to ‘help’ can’t have an equal piece of the pie then she wants to smash the pie so no one can have any. Some people use the term ‘alt-left’ to describe the “hell of a lot further left than Democrats or even Bernie Sanders”. I’m going to use the term ‘anarchist’.
    Some might claim to be socialists, some might be considered communists but wouldn’t use that term themselves, but it all devolves to wanting to change the system, OUR system, from what it is. And they want the City Councils and Boards of Supervisors to help them destroy what we have. It may not work well but look around the rest of the world and see who’s doing anything much better.
    Did Ms. Saucedo vote in the last election? I won’t ask who she voted for, that’s private but I’d like to know if she did vote, or did she claim it was meaningless, nothing would change?
    I’ve seen your kind before. I remember how organizers were always trying to mobilize students at SF State to get them to walk out, to join the strike, all sorts of things. A friend was going there and I heard all about it. The organizers tried to get the vets attending on the VA benefits to join them. These men were trying to rebuild their lives and they’re being told they were part of the war machine. But it wasn’t just SF State, there were organizers trying to get other schools to support the strike even though the schools had rules against political activities.
    Like I said, trying to tear things down…and the people who taught them how to organize could come in and take over. It didn’t happen.
    So the next time you claim to speak for the disenfranchised, the needy…how about you tell the people you’re asking to do something that you support the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the laws of the State of California and the County of Humboldt and the laws of whatever City you’re asking favors from…do that and maybe people will trust you. I wouldn’t ask you to say the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s too easy not to, and refer to famous athletes and such who wouldn’t.
    But how about showing that you will work within the system to accomplish things, that you will respect other peoples’ cultures, needs and unwillingness to accept what you say.
    You can say what you want, the laws say so. But you can’t require anyone to agree with you. And while you came here from large cities and have an education doesn’t mean you’re any smarter than a whole lot of people without a college degree. I think a lot of those people are smarter than you are and aren’t listening to you either about what you want or what you claim is wrong about Humboldt.
    I have nothing to do with anyone in Humboldt County at all involved with what you do or want to do. But I love it and I don’t want to see outside agitators coming in and ruining it.


  2. Lynda Akin says:

    If I wrote too much, went on too long, I wasn’t trying to take over the blog post. I was just so pissed off at what she and other are trying to do I wanted to vent.​ I know you have a literate following so I hope they don’t fall asleep trying to read it all. When I was going to school (a public school, combination high school & adult with training in various trades, taught by professionals, a real unique place) there were two young people (1 male, 1 female) who had come into organize supporting the SF State strike. Didn’t find that out until their 2nd year there. They were open about being communists (Chinese) but mainly they sold newspapers and such. Long after I realized that a man in the watch repair class (who went half a day) was probably there to see that communist organizing didn’t happen in the school. Long story short, I had gotten involved in the Adult Student Union (my teacher suggested it, wonderful man & great teacher) so I did the only thing I could do which was rewrite the ASU documents with one person representing each floor (elected by members from that floor) (5 story building, originally an old Ford Motor Plant in the Mission District) and they would be the ASU council and run things. The ASU as it was voted on the change, it passed and the pair left, never to be seen again. They had thought that because I was studying a manual trade that I didn’t have much smarts. I listened, asked questions, paid attention and came to my own conclusions. So when I read about Renee Saucedo, I think of Sara Harvey.

    On Wed, Aug 16, 2017 at 6:37 PM, The Humboldt Consequential wrote:

    > thehumboldtconsequence posted: “It sure didn’t take long for Renee > Saucedo, of True North Organizing Network and Humboldt Area Foundation > fame, to prove THC’s point about her efforts to pointlessly stir shit up in > our communities. Most recently, and in perfect conjunction with a slew” >


  3. John Chiv says:

    Not one single media (or government source) has investigated what THC has been documenting about Patrick Cleary and HAF.
    I didn’t expect LOCO or their buds at NCJ and KHSU to do anything but what about MRU, KINS, KIEM to name just a few others.


  4. John Chiv says:

    Maybe someone could ask our state attorney general, present or past?


  5. Rusty says:

    That would be Ed Meese III. Everyone else is pretty much politically in line with Cleary.


  6. John Chiv says:

    Det, no like you. Some of us improve the community; others do not. So how many multiple personas, do you have cyber stalker? Native or out of town, you are definitely what is the problem in Humboldt. Always anon, always insulting and always a loser.


    • Eka says:

      Here’s the list of LoCo advertisers to boycott John Chiv

      Today’s Lost Coast Outpost is brought to you by: Sole Savers, J&M Towing, Blue Lake Casino, HSU Extended Education, Green Road Consulting, Junior Barns, Woods Pest Control, Shafer’s Ace Hardware, Bear River Casino Resort, Yurok Tribe, Mosman Machinery Company, LCCI, Myrtle Ave Veterinary Hospital, Archaeological Research & Supply Company, Six Rivers Real Estate, Carpet Depot, Redwood Coast Montessori High, Esmeralda’s Mexican Restaurant, Moore’s Sleep World, Humboldt IPA, Maya Conrad & Sandi DeLuca -Coldwell Banker, Farm Store, Express Employment Professionals, Humboldt Patient Resource Center, Wholistic Heart Beat, California Mentor, Old Town Coffee & Chocolates, College of the Redwoods, Hertz Rental Company, Open Door Community Health Centers, Humboldt Land Man, A.M. Baird Engineering, Clean Out Crew, Himalayan Rug Traders, CA State & Federal Employees Credit Union, Suddenlink, North Coast Co-op, Los Bagels, Sequoia Personnel Services, Friesen Construction, Evans Mechanical, Scrapper’s Edge, Cher-Ae Heights, Humboldt Veterinary Medical Group, Coast Central Credit Union, Mid City Motor World, Coldwell Banker Sellers Realty, Eel River Hydroponics, Timberland Resource Consultants


  7. John Chiv says:

    From an article by Bill Muelenberg:
    “By now it should be perfectly clear how the secular left operates: they have very little intelligent arguments of their own, so they resort to other means to win the public debate on hot potato issues. And the main means they use is bullying, intimidation, shouting, name-calling, mud-slinging, and simply preventing the other side from getting a hearing.”


  8. Rusty says:

    Obsessed fan, stalker? Either way you’re really getting under their skin John.


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