Patrick Cleary tries to control Humboldt’s narrative on race, racism at McKMAC meeting

In yesterday’s piece about how Patrick Cleary’s Humboldt Area Foundation  is using an offshoot non-profit to funnel money  back towards HAF’s own bank account, while simultaneously causing a whole bunch of unnecessary mischief in Humboldt’s communities, we posed this questions about True North’s hiring practices:

Just how many people does Patrick Cleary think are necessary to stir up unrest in Humboldt County?”

Apparently, however many employees True North has, they’re not enough to accomplish all of Cleary’s goals when it comes to spinning the Humboldt County narrative in the manner he prefers.

In addition to using the media companies that he owns (Lost Coast Outpost, and KHUM, for example) to push the idea that racism is rampant in Humboldt County, Patrick Cleary himself decided to show up himself at a recent community meeting of the McKMAC to offer his services.

From the Mad River Union:

“Patrick Cleary of the Humboldt Area Foundation indicated that his organization could help the committee with a future forum or discussion of some sort.”

How convenient!

Capitalizing on tragedy and the fears of the community to push your own political agenda is deplorable, but Cleary seems eager to jump on the occasion. Maybe he learned that tactic from Renee Saucedo, who came to Humboldt County with loads of experience on the subject, and made sure to continue the trend once she got here.

However you feel about the issue of racism (or potential racism) in Humboldt County, THC hopes that you’ll agree: a community organization like Humboldt Area Foundation has no business shoving it’s nose into an issue as sensitive and divisive as that of racism.

Isn’t it enough that Cleary so blatantly uses his media influence in the County to push his own agenda? Now he feels the need to show up to community meetings and needlessly interject his opinions, and an offer of help from a wing of his blatantly political organization? THC must give the man credit – he knows how to politicize a situation for his own ends.

As you’ll recall from one of our pieces about a month ago, it may very well have been Jen Rice from Humboldt Area Foundation who began the conversation over racism in McKinleyville at all. Read more about Rice’s, and HAF’s, attempts to stir up trouble centering on the “hotbed of white supremacist” activity in McKinleyville here: White Supremacy in “McKlanleyville”? McKMAC set to consider racism in McKinleyville at tonight’s meeting after much delay

What we’re seeing here is a concerted effort from a variety of sources under Cleary’s control to stir the hornet’s nest on these issues. Let’s just say that it’s hard for THC to believe that Cleary, the former Wall Street banker turned Humboldt County big-wig, is doing it out of the goodness of his heart.

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2 Responses to Patrick Cleary tries to control Humboldt’s narrative on race, racism at McKMAC meeting

  1. Truff Bhytes says:

    It’s not just Cleary and it’s not just Race.

    It was the folks at North Coast Journal who alleged homophobia by “Ferndale City Officials” when in fact the person who spoke their 1st Amendment right by addressing the Ferndale City Council, wasn’t an official, but a **former volunteer firefighter**. As in – not even a volunteer firefighter anymore, duh.

    Of course, all the NCJ writers/editors who were involved in this annoyed the mainstream by running an article about deviant bloodsports, and were subsequently taken on by Lost Coast Communications, aka “Lost Coast Outpost” where they continue to attempt to create an atmosphere of fear, distrust and “Massive Crime Wave – Click Here!!” to benefit themselves and their bosses dystopian view of our society.

    It’s easy to see how conspiracy theorists might end up at “fake news” with behavior like this from so-called “journalists”. But the thing to remember is that LoCo is really “The Onion” of Humboldt County – don’t take it seriously – just like any blog.


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