Founding documents show Humboldt Area Foundation is paying itself big bucks through non-profit it created

THC will officially have to stop bitching about how Humboldt Area Foundation is using an illegitimate non-profit to push their highly political ideals on the people of Humboldt County. You see, True North Organizing Network – Patrick Cleary’s favorite pet project – has been recognized as non-profit by the state and federal governments.

But don’t be sad – True North’s founding documents reveal a lot about the back room dealings that HAF has been using for years in Humboldt County. And thanks to an old friend, THC has them right here for you to check out:

True North Founding Documents

Patrick Cleary and his henchmen at HAF will now just have to settle for using a legitimate non-profit to push their political agendas down Humboldt’s throat – and, as it turns out, to line their own organization’s pockets.

On page 65 of the True North Founding Docs, you’ll find this short statement about their finances:

There are quite a few things that we  can dig into, but let’s first look at how Humboldt Area Foundation is funneling money back to themselves from the non-profit that they started as a pet project. The easiest way for them to do that is to charge True North for the space they use in the HAF facility, and by charging a premium for that space.

And sure as shit, would you just look at what they’re paying themselves? “Admin fees, utilities, and space” accounted for $106,090 of True North’s annual budget (roughly 1/8th of their entire budget). Seeing as how True North lists it’s headquarters at 363 Indianola Road  – which happens to be Humboldt Area Foundation’s home base,  and which was built using donated money – it’s pretty safe to assume that at least $100k of that expense is going directly back into Humboldt Area Foundation’s coffers.

Heck, even if only $50,000 of those expenses went towards rent, that would still be an astronomical amount to spend on leased office space. We’re talking over $4,000 a month! THC absolutely guarantees that administrative fees and utilities are not costing them all that much, either.

The second biggest item to jump out at us is how much True North is spending on their staffing. Out of their total budget of $797,760, more than half is going towards their staff – 56%, actually. That $451,160 that their spending is far, far in excess of the standard suggested amount of overhead for a non-profit – and that figure doesn’t even include other overhead items like their rent, office expenses, and travel.

While we’re on the subject of payroll, if Renee Saucedo was making $55,000 per year as True North’s Director, how much is the rest of the staff being compensated in this equation?

If every True North employee were pulling the same amount as Lead Organizer Saucedo, True North would have about 8 employees. Surely they’re not all being paid this top dollar, so how many are there? The majority of non-profits in Humboldt County aren’t fortunate enough to have a big brother sponsor like HAF providing funds which allow them to hire a score of worker bees.

But maybe a better question to ask is this: just how many people does Patrick Cleary think are necessary to cause unrest in Humboldt County?

Anyhow, before Saucedo got canned from HAF/True North – and, eventually, from College of the Redwoods – she made some serious waves in the local community, ranging from organizing protests, getting fearful citizens riled up about their potential deportations, and even inciting some weird student rebellion at CR.

Unfortunately, a big part of Cleary’s grand vision for Humboldt relied on bringing an “organizer” witha  track record like Saucedo’s to the area with the specific aim of training locals the same tactics that she employs.

(For example, some of her favorites are trying to silence migrants and undocumented workers when they don’t say exactly what she tells them to, and by capitalizing on the fears of Humboldt’s undocumented population to push her own views).

So, was the $55,000 that True North sucked away from donors and other non-profits worth the shit-stirring that Saucedo perpetrated throughout the County? Be sure to thank Patrick Cleary if you think it was.

But let’s get back to True North’s overall finances, specifically their overhead. Between their personnel, travel expenses, general operating expenses, and their rent/utilities/admin fees, True North spent over $700,000 of their total budget on their operations. (What, precisely, their operations are is still up for debate – besides, of course, getting a bunch of people together for protest walks and photo opportunities.)

At our count, 89% of True North’s budget went towards their overhead. THC wonders how all the organizations and local individual donors feel about being suckered into paying for this shit show.

So where exactly did True North’s money go? Paying their unknown number of employees, sending themselves on trips, and generously reimbursing Humboldt Area Foundation for some office space? It’s interesting that Patrick Cleary thought we needed another organization like this in Humboldt County. Apparently he felt that Humboldt Area Foundation wasn’t already enough of a scam.

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8 Responses to Founding documents show Humboldt Area Foundation is paying itself big bucks through non-profit it created

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand what HAF is doing in the political world at all. I thought they managed kids scholarships and things like that. they shouldn’t be taking sides in any direction. I know someone on their board and intend to ask them just what the hell is going on.


    • So Hum Gal says:

      You’re a little late to the party. This blog has been revealing the deceit at Humboldt Foundation for months. This is just the latest in a long list of travesties. Thank you THC!


  2. Lynn Mae says:

    Need time to take this in….sounds like this is just the tip of the iceberg…will HAF be the unsinkable Titanic?


  3. Mac Towner says:

    Pat Cleary may be a scumbag but at least he’s a smart scumbag unlike the Stupidvisor we ended up with. I didn’t vote for him but we might have been better off that we are with Sundberg.


  4. I'd check on that says:

    OH lordy, and then there’s the internal fracas that’s apparently going on at HAF, according to the M.R. Union (link was there yesterday, can’t find now).


  5. I’m not sure the is much distance between your HAF/ True North rants and the NRA’s
    Dana Loesch. Even down to your tag lines about truth and anger management.


  6. Let me try that link again.


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