THC Poll: CA to get even softer on parole; does Humboldt think it’s a good idea?

It’s time for yet another of the ever-popular, and rage-inducing, THC polls, and this one should hit pretty close to home for many of us in Humboldt.

California is set to enact a new set of regulations on shortened sentences for all kinds of criminals in our state prison system, and is geared towards providing credits or incentives for rehabilitation of criminals. The overall aim is to reduce our prison populations and to keep former inmates from going back into prison.

While this issue is slightly different from the horrendous Prop 47, which Humboldt citizen’s often blame for some of Humboldt’s finest getting the good ol’ catch-and-release treatment as soon as they get booked for a crime, it highlights a concerning question: is going easier on various  types of crime a good thing for California?

You can read more in-depth about the proposed changes here:

Officials unveil controversial guidelines for the release of more inmates to relieve prison overcrowding

The most controversial debate around Prop 57 circles around the treatment of sex-offenders in the parole system. Read more on that here:

Debate over sex offenders moves to court as California undertakes prison parole overhaul

But an even bigger problem with Prop 57, in THC’s opinion, is California’s definition of what is or is not a violent crime. Take this other article from the LA times, which details how a man charged with drugging, assaulting, and raping women could walk free much sooner than expected because his crimes weren’t classified as “violent”.

What is a ‘violent crime’? For California’s new parole law, the definition is murky— and it matters

Call us crazy, but there seems to be a big problem with that.

And now it’s voting time, THC fans: Prop 57, love it or hate it?



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3 Responses to THC Poll: CA to get even softer on parole; does Humboldt think it’s a good idea?

  1. sandserat says:

    The U.S. with 5% of the world’s population
    has 25% of the world’s prisoners. Boy howdy
    are we proud yet? Build schools not prisons.


  2. Lynn Mae says:

    Unlike some other people, I read ALL the ballot measures before voting and I hated this one before I was through the first page. I wish Jerry Brown had retired before his second term. I hate the tunnel under the delta, I think the hypertrain from LA to the Bay Area is a boondoggle from hell and so far it’s aeons over budget and the bureaucracy building up around it may devour several generations to come with their costs.
    But this is so ill-thought and poorly written I can see why people would think it a good idea.
    It’s going to create so many problems and then those who espoused this flight from sanity will find others to blame for not ensuring it worked as ‘envisioned’. If people want to ‘envision’ things they
    should go to work for Lucas or Disney and leave the difficult issues to people who live in a real world and have (unfortunately) experiences with criminals. People will say they are rehabilitated, or they want to be, or they could be but it is the few who can crawl out of the world that lead to their stay in jail, their continuing involvement with crime while in prison and their mind-set that won’t accept change.
    What I find most offensive is that before the criminals are released ANY of them, there should be a complete set up to handle them Enough parole officers, enough other personnel to oversee the life ‘outside’, enough resources to give them a chance. Right now, there’s almost nothing. And the prop & law as written expects the counties to do the work, and they (the state) will help by sending them some money. some time. some. Last time I checked the word ‘some’ means darned little.
    OK, I’ll shut up now.


  3. EMB says:

    Apparently Prop. 57 passed overwhelmingly in Humboldt with 77.8% of voters in favor.


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