CA Gas Tax repeal initiative being undermined by Attorney General; repeal proponents to sue

As promised, we’re doing our darned-est to keep you update on the latest when it comes to the gas tax repeal initiative. It’ll come as no surprise to you based on our last post about the repeal initiative, but we’re pretty pumped up over the prospect of kicking that tax to the curb.

Unfortunately, the folks behind the initiative have taken exception to the language that will accompany the ballot measure seeking to overturn the gas tax, which was drafted and recently released by the State Attorney General. In short, the proponents don’t like it.

The slightly longer version is that they don’t like it at all, and they’re looking to sue in order to get the language changed. The Attorney General came up with this title of the repeal: “ELIMINATES RECENTLY ENACTED ROAD REPAIR AND TRANSPORTATION FUNDING BY REPEALING REVENUES DEDICATED FOR THOSE PURPOSES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. ”

Harsh wording, to be sure. You can read the full summary here:

Title and Summary of Gas Tax Repeal Initiative

Here’s a link to an editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle that condemns the Attorney General’s manipulation of the ballot measure language, and we think it’s worth a read:

California AG stacks the deck on gas-tax measure

Here’s a snippet:

It’s just plain wrong for a Democratic attorney general to offer a skewed legal summary of a Republican-backed initiative. Chief sponsor of the repeal, Assemblyman Travis Allen who is also a candidate for governor next year, is promising to sue over the language.

Becerra is not the first attorney general to employ loaded language for or against an initiative. It’s a bit of a California tradition played by attorneys general of both parties. It’s time to move for reform that would put the title and summary of ballot measures in the hands of a more independent and nonpartisan arbiter.”

We’re generally a little hesitant to use editorial pieces to make a point, the unusually excellent point made by the San Francisco Chronicle – that California needs to explore placing the responsibility for penning the title and summary of ballot measures “in the hands of a more independent and nonpartisan arbiter” – is one that THC feels shouldn’t have much argument against it.

While we don’t at all agree that the repeal of the gas tax is a bad idea – quite the opposite, actually – we do agree with finding a better way of coming up with ballot measure language, and are equally as pissed about the political move by the AG to kill the repeal initiative.

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3 Responses to CA Gas Tax repeal initiative being undermined by Attorney General; repeal proponents to sue

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    I didn’t like the proposition because it obscured who/what would really benefit from the new taxes so I welcomed the challenge being made. This end run by the new AG is incrementally excremental. So now we’re stuck with a power-conscious/hungry AG for how long?


    • “incrementally excremental”, we like that. Great visual along with the superb if slightly gross metaphor. Reminds us of our own Stupidvisor Bass when she’s had a few too many which is almost a daily adventure of late. A little something brown just sneaks out despite a zillion Kegles. Moderation dear Virginia, moderation. More on the epic failure of the latest 12 step attempt coming soon…….


      • Twins Mom says:

        True that! I ran into Virginia the other evening at The Carter House and she was plowed by 6:00. She could barely speak. Hope she gets help.


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