CA Bill which protects dangerous felons “playing a dangerous game”. (Part 2: What’s at stake for CA)

A reader just emailed this over to us after going through our last post: an interesting look at just what is at stake for California should Trump come after us for defying his authority. Yikes!

Here’s the full article, by Jon Coupal of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association via the Orange County Register. (We know, we know…can it be any more conservative?)

Taxpayers need sanctuary from foolishness

From the full article:

“This is not a trivial issue, although one might think so after listening to the Sacramento leadership. Approximately 40 percent of California’s budget is allocated through the federal government. California receives $368 billion in federal funding, or about $9,500 for each Californian. The funding is most prominently used for welfare benefits and retirement pensions; however, the federal government spends money in various capacities in California — from infrastructure upkeep and maintenance, to assisting refugees.”

And examples of what could be cut off by the Feds:

“• California’s Department of Health Care Services received almost $54 billion from the federal government in order to provide health care services to millions of low-income and disabled Californians each and every day.

• California’s Department of Education receives almost $12 billion from the federal government, which include K-12 and higher education.

• California’s Department of Social Services, which is responsible for the oversight and administration of programs serving California’s most vulnerable residents, receives $7 billion from the federal government. Those programs include food stamps, child welfare and veteran services to state a few.”

As a required piece of THC ranting, did you catch where they mentioned welfare benefits and retirement pensions up there? Hmm…seems like California probably can’t afford to jeopardize funding for those programs since we are already facing an impending economic catastrophe as a result of our pension obligations. It would be bad for the State of California, and even worse for the people who rely on that assistance.

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One Response to CA Bill which protects dangerous felons “playing a dangerous game”. (Part 2: What’s at stake for CA)

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    I’ve read Jon Coupal’s articles on another website and while I don’t think of myself as a conservative, I do appreciate what he (and the Howard Jarvis people) are doing to benefit
    the ordinary California citizens and tax payers.
    The Metropolitan News Enterprise’s focus is usually courts and cases which is why I read it. The main page is all you get. If you want to look further you have to click on Viewpoint (left column) then click on the Recent Opinion Pieces. No log in, no adverts. Coupal’s columns appear in other newspapers as well so when I want to share one of his pieces I’ll find a paper that I can link to.
    I’ve forwarded a copy of last Monday’s email of the ADDA (Association of Deputy District Attorneys {Los Angeles County}) which has a preview of a subject with links to the actual article or text on matters of crime & justice.
    For those who might also be interested, here’s the link to the website where the latest Monday Memo is posted:
    My take is, if you agree, support those who are proposing something. If you disagree, work against them. We have choices and we owe it to ourselves to be well informed.
    And we’re not going to get this information from the usual media outlets.
    If you’re reading THC then you already know that.


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