Top Humboldt “environmentalist” continues to fight for marijuana, not environment

With all of the chatter surrounding the Board of Supervisors revising the Measure S tax on marijuana this past week, it would have been easy to miss some of the more subtle political undercurrents swirling around marijuana’s attempts to go legit.

We almost skipped over one of the most brow-raising tidbits to come out of the affair, but thankfully we haven’t laid into the doobies just quite yet today.

Thanks to the handy Times-Standard article  below, we learned something new: Natalynne DeLapp-Hinton, formerly the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Information Center, has taken over the role as Operations Director at the relatively new Humboldt County Growers Association.

Or, we should say, the Times-Standard Article reminded us of the very bleak reality concerning many of the participation of our most prominent environmental groups and leaders in the marijuana industry. Y’know, before it was legal and before those same groups would even consider broaching the subject of cannabis’ detrimental effects on our environment.

The article in question: Supes okay change to tax code

THC ran a few stories last year on how environmentalists both nurtured and took advantage of the big pot rush in the years leading up to Measure S’ passage. (See below for a full recount.)

The Times-Standard’s snippet of DeLapp-Hinton’s statement to the Board of Supervisors is small, and unfortunately the video of the meeting wasn’t accessible at the time of writing. We’ll update later once we’re able to go through it.

But what that little snippet did highlight is this: many environmental groups were too scared to touch the subject of marijuana because attacking the industry for environmental damage conflicted with a lot of their supporters activities, their groups’ revenue streams, and with the activities of some of their own.

Since Measure S came on the scene, some groups gave lip service to needing to protect the environment from cannabis. But we’ll bet you big bucks that they’ll raise a much louder fuss over the relatively inconsequential Caltrans project over in Richardson’s Grove.

Hell, even Rex freakin’ Bohn came out with a stronger statement on the necessity of environmental protections than the former environmental “advocate” did. (Do your best not to laugh.)

Here’ s Bohn, per the T-S:

““We have 12,000 grows out there. We have to do something to protect our environment,” he added later.” He added later, “You need to pay to play.””

We’ll say this for the County’s efforts to regulate cannabis – it sure is allowing folks to show their true colors and pursue their biggest passions. Look no further than former environmental leaders going to bat for the cannabis industry as proof.

Here’s a recap of our rather extensive look at how environmentalists helped create the green rush:

How Humboldt’s environmentalists created, and protect, the Green Rush

How Humboldt’s environmentalists created, and protect, the Green Rush (part 2)

How Humboldt’s environmentalists created, and protect, the Green Rush (part 3)

Here’s a highlight from the first one:

“…we disagree…on the point that these”well-meaning” environmental groups are blind to the effects of cultivation “by denial or omission.” This is not the case at all; the issue of degradation is ignored because those groups are largely supported and funded by people who have vested interests in the green rush economy. What’s more, many of the people involved with running groups like the NEC and EPIC and Friends of the Eel River are directly tied to, and profit from, the marijuana industry that rapes the same Humboldt land and waterways that the groups proclaim need protecting.”

Go check out the rest!


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12 Responses to Top Humboldt “environmentalist” continues to fight for marijuana, not environment

  1. Uri Driscoll says:

    I am really disappointed in Natayln. Actually in most of the “Environmental” groups here. Hard to know what to call myself anymore. Used to think I was an environmentalist but the hypocrisy is a major turn off.
    Tim McKay seemed to be a lot more on top of it and not so beholden.
    One thing I heard that made a lot of sense beyond what THC says, is that it is easier to sue 1 Cal Trans than 18,000 growers. $12 mil in lawsuits is what Cal Trans has already paid for Richardsons Grove. The whole project is expected to cost only $8.4 mil.
    It is a shame that what had been a wonderful cash crop and made a lot of happy hippies has turned into this major shit storm.
    Yes a huge chunk of the blame rests on the so called Environmentalists. And too many are too stoned to know what to do about it.
    Maybe the row crop weed grown in the valley will sober us up.


    • the misadventures of bunjee says:

      For sure. I’m genuinely curious if the likes of ex-EPICs (or current ones) will go after environmental degradation with the same vitriol they have for anyone that simply wanted to cut a couple trees down, or put in a culvert on their properties or businesses. If they do not, EPIC should themselves be sued out of existence. If anything, never letting them forget how they created such a facade to hide their true nature. 5000 plants isn’t medicinal anything. It’s a cash business like any other, and they should be held accountable for the very things the rest of us are. If they can’t, well f-k them and the horse they rode in on and thanks for nothing. ~TMOB

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  2. Disillusioned says:

    Humboldt Growers Association = Humboldt dope growers cartel.

    Don’t pretend otherwise, they are growing dope. It is not medicine it is not harmless. It is dope and if you think it is harmless go visit the zombies (otherwise known as “homeless”) all over town and try to talk to them.


    • sandserat says:

      Tim Mckay was the last environmentalist at the once respected NEC.
      Now they are a clan of grant-writers and supplicants that are responsible for the loss of an entire coastal aquatic system. They’ve teamed with the FOD’s who are notorious for getting wealthy at the cost of shoreline resilience, wildlife and wetlands.
      This crap could not happen if there were to be a hint of spine in the Planning and Building Department, the media, the Supervisors, the imbeciles at KHUM and that collective of whores and pretense.. What occurred yesterday on our forested dunes guarantees the loss of wildlife and wetland function in some of the rarest and most endangered habitat on earth.
      For the folks who find glory in the destruction of the forested paleo-dunes,
      I am genuinely sad for you.
      Here is the aquatic system that is being ignored and destroyed by immature and uneducated ingrates; the path of the Kinetics goes right through wetlands and their buffers, “for the glory.”


  3. “Or, we should say, the Times-Standard Article reminded us of the very bleak reality concerning many of the participation of our most prominent environmental groups and leaders in the marijuana industry”

    On this THC, you and I agree.

    EPIC has been a disaster for environmental concerns in that it has aided and abetted the Cannabis cause while selling itself as a protector of the environment. There has been no greater, no more urgent environmental foe to the Humboldt landscape and EPIC’s leadership including Natalynne and the guy before her … John something…seemed to be co-conspirators.

    The end result was this, and this is where you and I will not agree. In 2010 with the momentum of the Tea Party behind their backs, we elected 2 reactionary Supervisors who would undo all the former middle-of-the-road Supervisors did to honor the idea of a General Plan. The plan was to include a pre-amble that simply noted that the local government was held to the idea of “protecting” natural resources (FULL STOP). But that wasn’t OK with local conservatives, and the local environmentalists who were more concerned with their right to grow weed allowed the frame of “public participation” to drown out the need for protection through regulation.

    And if you happened to stop by the courthouse during this period, you could find environmentalists like Scott Greacen and Jen Kalt and Dan Ehresman doing their job. You’d also find Natalynne (and others like Hezekiah Allen) seemingly fighting as much for the term “farmers” instead of growers just as much as you’d find her trying to find a common sense solution to the obvious problems with the cultivation of mj in HumCo.

    And regarding Rex Bohn and his statement “““We have 12,000 grows out there. We have to do something to protect our environment,” he added later.” He added later, “You need to pay to play.””

    Natalynne also has said plenty to back up her environmental credentials, that is not your point. Your point is her actions (and pay-checks) don’t necessarily match the rhetoric. Rex Bohn’s assertion that you have to pay to play does not jibe with his actions. Unless you forget, he lowered the taxes in a mathematically-challenged way, way below staffs recommendation.

    Fennell floated a suggestion of dropping the fees by 25 cents across the board, at each level of the progressive tax. After some discussion with fellow supervisors, Bohn said that if it’s gonna be lower he’d prefer it to be a 25 percent cut across the board, rather than 25 cents. Sundberg agreed, and that’s how the item ultimately passed.

    Methinks that Natalynne’s HCGA and Rex Bohn’s ideas on Weed Inc are much more aligned than you would like to admit.


  4. Uri:
    “Hard to know what to call myself anymore.”

    Uri, for one, if you would like any advise, I’d definitely not call yourself an environmentalist.
    *What is a native plant?
    *We should encourage the use of European Beach Grass to expand the beaches and create more land.

    Also remember that your views correlate extremely well with your business trade. Not much different with what Natalynne is doing, actually.

    This, however, is awesome and I hope you are right.

    “Yes a huge chunk of the blame rests on the so called Environmentalists.
    Maybe the row crop weed grown in the valley will sober us up.”


    • Uri Driscoll says:

      Are you going to tell us what a native plant is Jon?
      When does something become native?
      Are you even qualified to define “native” if you yourself would not meet the definition?

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      • I refer you to the experts in the field Uri…Friends of the Dunes.

        Evolution means something and natives plants are those which have undergone sufficient evolution in Humboldt’s habitat to create a new and individual species that is not found anywhere else on this globe.

        Science is really, really, really important, and you and sanderat enjoy picking and choosing questions that really have no scientific basis for political leverage for your own political objectives.

        It’s actually a more extreme version of what Natalynne was doing as the head of EPIC to try to change our language during one discussion to promote a secondary objective which her new employer makes clear.

        Also this…

        Are you even qualified to define “native” if you yourself would not meet the definition?

        ..begs the question given your first comment, what are you smoking Uri?


  5. sandserat says:

    “I refer you to the experts in the field Uri…Friends of the Dunes.”
    For thirty years these “experts” have done NOTHING but remove vegetation, to the
    point of collapsed geology,
    with no-bid contracts and prevailing-wage that is stole from the worker and run through the club.
    Did you forget the scientist felon Ron LeValley? The incredibly corrupt Mad River Biology?
    These are the ‘scientists’ that your weak mind adheres to, without a glimmer of intelligence
    or honesty.

    You need to answer to the loss of wetlands and habitat Jon and for God’s sake pull your head out
    of the FOD’s backside and breathe, I am worried for you.


    • Sandserat. I’ve got a 3 link comment awaiting THC getting back from his drink. Thank you for your biased and eclectic concern-trolling.

      Environmentalism is pretty straightforward, but only if we are able to remove our self interested myopic perspective. Natalynne at least understands this and incorporates it into her arguments, you and Uri do not.


  6. sandserat says:

    “Environmentalism is pretty straightforward”

    Jon, the reason that the Feds require a Qualified Coastal Engineer along with State and Federal Permits
    if ones actions are to have effect upon a coastline, tells you that coastal dynamics are NOT that straightforward. Did you know that removing grass would destroy a 30′ primary dune (Rudd Property), four delineated ponds, acres of marshlands and wildlife habitat?
    Yes? Show me your Permits.
    No? Begin repair.


  7. Uri Driscoll says:

    If you really care I don’t smoke. Marijuana probably has some medicinal qualities worth exploring. That is beside the point about the whole Enviro sell out.
    You cannot tell me when a plant becomes native or when it is no longer native. It is not up to FOD to telll us either. All plants and animals thrive where there is an ecological niche for them and die of when climates and conditions no longer allow that. Been going on for millennia I am pretty sure.
    Answer this if you will; In ten thousand years when the beachgrass is still here will it be native then? Will your kin if they survive?
    What you really should be asking is does this plant or animal play a valuable role? If you are honest, the answer regarding beachgrass is yes. It plays a role that provides for vital coastal protection and helps to develop vibrant wetland habitats. If the native /non-native label was thrown out we would be protecting it like they do on the east coast and other places around the world.
    The non-native label just enables people to make some money having kids tear it out of the dunes. Or at least used to. Those days are closing up.
    In case you were unaware they had been doing that for years on the South Spit without a permit. This year they were unable to obtain one from the county. They are trying to get one from the State Fish and Wildlife but are running into snags there as well.


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