Public unions want to exempt themselves from government transparency

As a follow up from our piece yesterday – the one about how public employee unions could be a huge player in triggering the next major financial melt down – we offer up this fun tidbit:

Unions trying to kill government transparency

That’s right folks – at a time when it is of the utmost importance that the public has oversight into the contract negotiations which will dictate, to a large extent, how well California is able to cope with overwhelming debt, the unions have made a major play to hide those negotiations from public view.

Here’s a link to the bill itself: AB 1455

We’re simply wondering when unions will give up the charade and start wearing their super-villain outfits in public.

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3 Responses to Public unions want to exempt themselves from government transparency

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    Haven’t read the bill; it’s a beautiful day outside, been working in the patio, clean up, pruning, like that. Too nice to think about greedy unions (I know they are, it’s just a question as to how they justify it and who’s fronting the bill, and who’s supporting it.
    Just the concept stuns me. They went to court to try to force an initiative to be declared invalid because the mayor of San Diego was one of the people in favor of it. The Initiative did NOT originate with the CoSD, but with a private group. The unions have an agreement that any changes the CoSD wants to make must be discussed with the unions and negotiated.
    Well, the suit bounced around in the courts for a couple years and a month or two ago it was ruled that as the CoSD was not involved in the initiative, that the union had no right to be involved in the initiative or the law that was passed.
    This bill sounds like they’re now arguing the exact opposite—-for themselves. Sounds like a rigged poker game. I get to see your cards but you don’t get to see mine.
    Thanks for the heads up on this and access to the actual bill.


  2. Roger Bar says:

    well how is everybody feeling about what heavily imposed taxes everybody pays. Now look at all these young people driving around with 100k trucks that never have payed a dime, yet they can tear hell out of what pavement is left, don’t worry the taxpayer will foot the bill. Your gas tax u say , oh! that went in the general fund . we had to cover our employee wages! Must be nice to have been brought up with that spoon in your mouth, too bad you were not taught any manners or common courtesy towards others. Next time you get your paycheck and your at the pump with your decade old car and your mortgage payment late, and you see spoonboy ask him to see a w2. A little bit of reorganizing the police enforcement policies could very well enrich the cities enough to maybe fix the potholes!


  3. Meetic 2017 says:

    If true, it would not be a good thing.


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