Bad, bad St. Joseph’s to nurses: “No lunch for you!”

In just the latest development which features St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka being really shitty to their employees, it would appear that St. Joe’s nurses are really pissed because the hospital, as a result of chronic under-staffing, won’t allow them their legally mandated lunches and breaks. (We believe the nurses anger is compounded by their hunger, leading to the terrifying state of hangriness with which they apparently are forced to do their jobs.) Read more at the Times-Standard:

Nurses at St. Joseph advocate for proper breaks, lunches

In the interest of balanced reporting (because, as you know, we are all about balance), several individuals we spoke to that have ties to the hospital have told us that the nurses’ complaint may be a bit exaggerated, if not false. We don’t know, but still tend to believe there’s some merit to the nurses’ gripe considering St. Joe’s history.

Slightly related – did you ever hear how St. Joe’s allegedly fired a dude for reporting meth use by the nurses? Yikes. Got to stay perked up for the job if you’re not getting your energy from breaks and lunches, right?

However, the bigger point to the story here is that if the nurses are not receiving their mandated breaks and lunches, then St. Joe’s better shape up and start giving them their due. As most anyone can tell you, the quality of care at the hospital is notoriously terrible – we’d re-think going to St. Joe’s for anything more serious than a little boo-boo.

So maybe the lack of lunches, breaks, etc., can explain that away. Job fatigue is real, people. Good news for nurses is that Austin Allison, an employee of the hospital, is now a Eureka City Councilperson.

And you all know how dedicated he is to giving union employees fantastic contracts – remember?


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3 Responses to Bad, bad St. Joseph’s to nurses: “No lunch for you!”

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    Oh yeah, I remember. But THOSE workers have more political clout than a bunch of nurses…
    seems to me I also remember that St Joe’s parent company has a history of failing to provide all those things designated either in a contract or in a state law….if it’s not in a contract then it’s time for them to call the appropriate authority. Some place in clear view of all employees there should be a poster which spells out such things and all the 2017 updates as well.
    Here’s a non-gov site with information on breaks and lunches:
    There is also this (which says where to complain):
    However that site mentions that there is something which relates directly to healthcare workers and give a click-thru link. Here is the specific link:
    and here is the specific ruling (#11):

    “11. Meal Periods

    (A) No employer shall employ any person for a work period of more than five (5) hours without a meal period of not less than 30 minutes, except that when a work period of not more than six (6) hours will complete the day’s work the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of the employer and employee. Unless the employee is relieved of all duty during a 30 minute meal period, the meal period shall be considered an “on duty” meal period and counted as time worked. An “on duty” meal period shall be permitted only when the nature of the work prevents an employee from being relieved of all duty and when by written agreement between the parties an on-the-job paid meal period is agreed to. The written agreement shall state that the employee may, in writing, revoke the agreement at any time.

    (B) If an employer fails to provide an employee a meal period in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Order, the employer shall pay the employee one (1) hour of pay at the employee’s regular rate of compensation for each work day that the meal period is not provided.

    (C) In all places of employment where employees are required to eat on the premises, a suitable place for that purpose shall be designated.

    (D) Notwithstanding any other provision of this order, employees in the health care industry who work shifts in excess of eight (8) total hours in a workday may voluntarily waive their right to one of their two meal periods. In order to be valid, any such waiver must be documented in a written agreement that is voluntarily signed by both the employee and the employer. The employee may revoke the waiver at any time by providing the employer at least one day’s written notice. The employee shall be fully compensated for all working time, including any on-the-job meal period, while such a waiver is in effect.”

    It’s written in legalese but it is pretty specific.
    Businesses can buy the posters from sources like Amazing* but the state offers downloads here:
    *I won’t use their name, you know who I mean.
    Hope this helps those who may be taken advantage of learn more about their rights. Good luck to them. (and maybe their co-worker will volunteer to explain all the stuff quoted above.


  2. NEO says:

    Had a great experience with the entire hospital recently. Everything was great from the ER dept (and follow through) to the follow up care. Everything across the board was great The entire SJ staff went out of their way to service our needs and were outstanding.

    The admin assoc. Lori Stone was great during the stay by going out of her way making sure my 84 year old gran. of dmother felt at ease. Not always in her room but always “near by” to make her stay manageable.



  3. Rusty says:

    Recently had surgery at SJ. From the check in staff to OR staff and surgans a big 10 out 10 exalant top notch. Nursing staff was definitely overbooked. Of the five nurses 3 men and two women, one guy was a total douch, two guys were 10 of 10, to gals, one was 8 out of 10 and Nurse Jammie who wasn’t even my nurse whent out of her way to help us when she saw we were in need of assistance.


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