Bass signs letter to Army Corps of Engineers, unfortunately cannot read

Coast Seafoods’ proposed expansion of their existing oyster beds has been a hot topic of late, with a few different groups and agencies weighing in on the anticipated future impact to our harbor.

Enviro-minded folks cite the potential environmental impacts as reasons to at least delay the expansion, while Coast Seafoods employees like Harbor Commissioner Greg Dale are quick to say “STFU, haters, you don’t know what you’re talking about” and point to the economic benefits that oysters will rain down on the area.

THC isn’t going to wade into the issue in too much depth (yet!), but we thought this article in the Times-Standard to be revealing of the leanings of our County’s Fish and Game Advisory Committee with regards to the project:

Board OKs modified letter of concern on Coast Seafoods expansion

The T-S article is also very revealing about how much thought our Supervisors put into their jobs. Cue Supervisor Virginia Bass, who apparently couldn’t care less about the input from our County’s F&G committee or about the message that the County of Humboldt is sending to the Army Corps of Engineers about the viability of the oyster expansion project.

Here is Virginia Bass, from the T-S article, on the board’s decision to modify the letter to reflect that the opinions in the F&G Committee letter – which points out that Coast Seafoods maybe didn’t do well enough on their environmental impact report – are not the opinions of the Supervisors:

Quite frankly, I have to sign the letter, I haven’t read it all,” board Chairwoman and 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass said about the project’s environmental impact report .””

It is shameful that our County’s top representative is so busy that she can’t even read a letter, sent by a County-appointed committee to a federal agency, on a topic of huge environmental and economic impact.

Of course, this explains how Matthew Owen continues to get his permission slips to leave the house and spout nonsense signed despite a proven track record. (That, or Virginia has finally taken our gourmet Mike’s Hard Lemonade cocktail recipes for a spin.)

As for the Board wussing out on taking a strong position on the expansion, well, what do you expect? Wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, would we now, Supes? Once again, many kudos for successfully passing the buck down to anyone but yourselves.

Of course, it’s maybe even a more odd that the Chairman of our Board of Supervisor’s, Virginia Bass, is too damn lazy to bother reading a short letter that may well have a huge impact on the future of our bay. You know, that priceless, sparkling jewel that helps make Humboldt so unique?

Huzzah, Virginia – Humboldt’s finest leadership at work.

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13 Responses to Bass signs letter to Army Corps of Engineers, unfortunately cannot read

  1. Charley be Good says:

    This is hard to believe. Ms Bass actually said she had to sign the letter?

    No she didn’t. She thinks she is currying favor with her new friends on the left and that the right has nowhere else to go. To her dismay next year she will find the left will support Nataling Natalie Arroyo no matter what principles Bass throws out the window.

    Then she will find the right will either sit on their hands or will support any conservative to moderate who might run against them.


  2. Marc Delany says:

    Aww, common.. She did not read the whole REPORT… not letter. We all have to band together these days, or we are really going to be in trouble . WE, locally, need to decide all things now… The feds are gone.. Hope we can get them to send more money. We need to protect our fish and bay fisheries… no matter what the feds start shoveling . Can we please all put our expertise together and make sure what happens here is the absolute best path we can take…. We have a local university, we have experienced fishermen , and we all want the same thing (except perhaps those profiting directly, maybe, maybe not… lets all talk)… I hope… the continuation of our local resources… water, wood, fish and ???

    We are in trouble.

    It’s just us now. What shall we do? Lets not say negative things about people just for effect. Same with news… apparently we have to sort out truth ourselves. So lets all agree to change up our past practices.. Avoid personal attacks, try to be accurate, and suggest positive ways we can locally make things work.. If we don’t know, lets try to use local resources to get the FACTS.

    It would be wonderful


  3. Marc Delany says:

    Anyone have the report? Post


  4. Uri Driscoll says:

    Both Mike Wilson and Greg Dale stated that there were “factual inaccuracies” in the letter from the F&G commission but have refused to tell us what they are. If there are inaccuracies we should know what they are.
    From what I can tell there are many people from both the conservative and liberal sides of conservation against this expansion.
    Lets ask the question how the hell does the Harbor Commission take on the role of Lead agency when they owe the applicant $1.25 million.
    Greg should resign and Jack Crider will probably lose his job.
    Marc is right Virginia read the letter but not the whole report.

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    • TommyGunn says:

      Definitely agree that people on both sides are pissed; where are you guys getting that Bass for sure read the letter and/or report? Kudos to THC for being lazy as ever in their reporting.

      I bet crider bails before he get fired. Harbor district’s conflicts of interest and their management of the harbor are laughably bad.


      • Uri Driscoll says:

        You may be right about Jack Crider.. To bad, he is a nice guy. Just tried to get things done the Oregon way here in California. It is not all his doing that is for sure. The Harbor Commissioners need to be held accountable. You can’t, as a government agency have so much disregard for the rules they are supposed to uphold. The non-CDI uses are but one example.
        Conflict of interest over processing an expansion that favors who they owe over a million bucks to is just wrong. They should have passed the job onto the County planning.
        Baykeeper actually gave there thumbs up to this expansion which is usually odd. Until you realize they have received a hefty donation from Coast Seafood and have been giving harbor tours on the Harbor Districts boat.
        I realize this is a small community and we are all connected but the conflict of interests are getting pretty damn blatant.


      • Marc Delany says:

        I have about given up my campaign for “due process” here…. They just will not follow rules….They don’t know how. Anyone have a link to the report, so we all can read?


  5. ken d says:

    Oysters, Pot Holes, Dope permits, tweakers everywhere…………..the supervisors should be embarrassed every time they deposit their substantial pay checks in the bank.The tax payer definitely doesn’t get his moneys worth.


    • TommyGunn says:

      One wonders just what in the hell they do with their time…making $100/hour or whatever it is, and for no results


    • The taxes are too damn high!

      At least it’s only men who suffer from higher taxes. To fix this why don’t married couples start filing with the woman as the primary tax filer?


  6. Just Watchin says:

    Interesting that jonboy acknowledges that marriage is between a man and a woman, being gay and all….


    • Thank you for the compliment JW although I don’t see how sexual orientation is relevant other than as a distraction from how empty & destructive Republican/conservative politics otherwise are.

      Also, I’m not entirely sure what faction of the LGBT community would not acknowledge marriages between men and women. Seems like a stretch of a troll to me.

      But you know what, in all honesty, I’m glad to see you back in action. It’s been a while and in this game of anonymous commenters one always wonders after a long absence if everything is alright. Hope the weather in FL is as nice as it is in Humboldt today.


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