Fort Bragg takes action to ease housing crisis; Humboldt County, not so much

Hey everybody! Check out this news clip from KMUD which details how Fort Bragg is making it easier, and cheaper, for builders to do what they do best:

Fort Bragg loosens utility hook up requirements to incentivize affordable housing construction

It’s important to note that laudable actions like this are in all probability the only way to bring California, and Humboldt, back from the brink of a catastrophic housing shortage.

At this point, you may be thinking, “That’s swell! Where’s the news piece about Humboldt County, or any of Humboldt’s cities, doing the same thing?”

The answer, sadly, is that there is no such news story – and it’s because our local governments won’t pull their heads out and realize that deregulation will lead to an increase in housing supply.

To those who would cry “But the environment!,” we must point out that there is plenty of room for deregulating the process to build homes while still being sensitive to environmental concerns.

Our plea to make it easier for folks to build housing for the many, many hapless folks without it here in Humboldt is a simple part of a bigger solution for this County – which appears to be spiraling down the drain faster than perhaps anyone could have anticipated.


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