New tool for finding all the County of Humboldt’s dirt: “Next Request”

This is a THC-sponsored public service announcement to let you all know about the County’s new web portal to all the Public Information requests they’ve received.

The new service is called “Next Request“; follow that link to start exploring.

We’re huge fans of the County making these requests more accessible to the public. We particularly like that the service is called Next Request; it’s like the County is just daring people to call them out on their idiotic bullshit.

Which, as luck would have it, is easy to do from Next Request as well – they have forms set up to help you submit requests.

The possibilities are endless…Curious about internal communication regarding the appointment of our shitty new public defendant? Request!

Want to know more about those shady decisions around the Measure Z funding applications? Request!

Want to know how many times Matthew Owen begs the Supervisors to pay attention to him? Request!

Currently on Next Request, FOIA a.k.a. Public Information request all-stars include good ol’ Kent Sawatsky, and of course Jen Kalt’s request on behalf of Humboldt Baykeeper pertaining to Royal Gold Soil. Which, as you’ll remember, was a part of yet another attempt by Baykeeper to extort the County and a local business.

Humboldt Baykeeper seeks to ruin yet another local business in appeal to Supervisors; predatory legal action to follow?

Keep your eyes open for one of THC’s very own requests being published soon. (Albeit way, way later than the statute of limitations requires the County to furnish the records – but hey, we know they’re a bunch of slackers over there. This just gives us time for a few more Mike’s before we dig into the goods.)

Happy sleuthing, gum shoes.

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