Sunday Surprise! Fire Chiefs want more of your tax money, dismiss financial responsibility

Surprise! The Humboldt County Fire Chiefs Association wants more of your tax money.

This time, specifically, they’re targeting $2.2 million in Measure Z funds:

  • “The Humboldt County Fire Chiefs’ Association is seeking almost $2.2 million (the second-largest single request this year) to purchase equipment for the county’s various rural and volunteer fire departments; continue covering dispatch fees; and address a mismatch between fire district boundaries and the actual locations where firefighters regularly respond to emergencies.”  (from LoCO)

Never mind, of course, that they also received $2.2 million in Measure Z funds for the exact same shit in the previous fiscal year: FY 2016 Measure Z Allocations

Leave it to the Fire Departments to treat Measure Z like a guaranteed funding source rather than something to support essential emergency services. Shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as they’re always more than happy to treat our pockets like bank accounts rather than looking to their own operational inefficiencies.

Of course, as always, THC would like to point out that there are several really frickin’ easy ways to cut overhead costs for the Fire Departments that would allow them to pay for extra clothes, new toys, etc. – and the most obvious would be to cut down staffing and pension costs.

As MOLA once put it, more Chiefs than Indians is a bad policy for all involved, but particularly for the tax payer who keeps coughing up more money while Fire Departments continuously warn us about their inability to provide the same levels of service.

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2 Responses to Sunday Surprise! Fire Chiefs want more of your tax money, dismiss financial responsibility

  1. Pay attention says:

    You’re a fucking idiot. Most if not all of that money is destined for the 40 or so all-volunteer departments in the county, many of whom are running 70’s and 80’s era equipment and who have to pay high insurance rates, are compelled to have a certain level of training for all of their volunteers, and have no funding sources aside from the occasional pancake breakfast. Pay attention before you spout off. And no, I am not a firefighter, I just pay attention.

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