Former Asshole of the Year Sundberg steps up to Coastal Commission; “humbled” by opportunity to screw entire State

Humboldt’s very own Stupidvisor Ryan Sundberg has been appointed to the Coastal Commission by Governor Jerry Brown, as related by this lovely LoCO article: Sundberg Appointed to California Coastal Commission

Sundberg responded to the appointment by saying “he’s “humbled” by his appointment to the Coastal Commission,” and “I’m just happy that they called and asked me to serve,” he said. “I look forward to the opportunity.”

Sheesh…as if Sundberg’s shitty decision making on Humboldt County matters wasn’t enough, now all of California gets to benefit from this P.O.S.’s self-interest and over-inflated ego.

But wait, it gets even better. When asked about his priorities on the Commission by LoCO, he responded with this: ““I’d like to see some ways to streamline [the review and approval process] so projects don’t take so long.””

Ha! What a jokester! He almost had us there for a second, too. Then, you know, we pulled our heads out of our asses and thought about Sundberg’s looong and well-established history in Humboldt County of doing precisely the opposite for would-be developments.

Or maybe he’s talking specifically about the Trinidad Rancheria’s plans to build more stuff? He’s never failed to give what the Tribe wants primacy over all other concerns – so of course he’s excited about pushing their developments at the state level.

Don’t be fooled by Sundberg’s comments to LoCO – rest assured that similar acts of trolling are one of the reasons he was voted Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole back in 2015, and nearly repeated for 2016. Remember that?

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Sundberg sweeps early 2016 Awards: Builder, Biggest Asshole!

Our sincere apologies for the sheer idiocy that will be visited on the rest of the California resulting from Sundberg’s appointment.

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4 Responses to Former Asshole of the Year Sundberg steps up to Coastal Commission; “humbled” by opportunity to screw entire State

  1. sandserat says:

    I congratulated Ryan on his appointment and sent to him
    the Gold Bluffs Beach- before and afters-, asking for a comment.
    His reply was no comment, “I’ve only been appointed for three hours.”
    When did we become so cruel that making a desert out of 550 acres of
    vegetated dunes wildlife habitat doesn’t render a response.

    Pages 10 and 11 before and after.


  2. Denver says:

    Sundberg is still top asshole in my book

    Marian Brady takes the top cunt spot, followed by Linda Atkins


  3. Arcatan says:

    “I’m just happy that they called and asked me to serve,”

    Not only is his competence questionable but so are his ethics. This statement is a complete untruth. He has been politicking for this appointment for months. He’s had half the tribes in the state calling the Governor. Somehow he thinks he looks less like the self promoting aggrandizer that he is if the appointment is someone else’s idea.


  4. Anonymous Too says:

    Funny how the Indian card is only a one way deal. They take and then they take more.


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