Arcata Fire Board vacancy the result of a guilty conscience

Back on March 7th, the Arcata Fire Protection District issued a press release advertising an upcoming vacancy on their Board of Directors.

You’ll be familiar with the AFD’s Board of Directors as the folks who are responsible for handing the AFD’s employees one of the most generous contracts around, and by extension those responsible for the fiscally unsustainable operation in place over at AFD. Read More:

Here’s a link to the AFD’s press release: AFD Board Vacancy

Who, do you ask, is moving own from the Board?

None other than Steven Tyler!

We got excited for a second, too. Wrong Steven though.

Not to toot our own horns too strongly, but….Notice how Steven Tyler decided to resign from his position just a few days after THC starter really laying the hammer down on the AFD’s irresponsible spending and the downright disgusting way they are content to fritter away more and more of the public’s tax money?

We’re sure that Mr. Tyler’s service was invaluable, and leave it at that.

But we’ll also say that, generally, rats start running once you expose them to light. Here’s to hoping that the remaining members of the board also have run-ins with their conscience, and either vacate their seats or start working to right the ship.

Lastly, here’s a link to the application for the vacant spot: AFD Board Application

Sadly, THC’s lone District 3 resident moved away just a few weeks ago, so we can’t throw into the ring.

Seriously, if you’re in District 3, and are as pissed off about the way Fire Districts are appropriating more and more of the public’s money via veiled threats over potential declines in service – then get your butt out and apply!

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