How your fire safety services are screwing you!

Yet another interesting read that exposes how badly fire districts and Public Sector Unions are taking the average taxpayer to the cleaners:

California Fire Districts are Morphing Into Retirement Plans

This particular article details how East Contra Costa Fire District is currently spending $1.30 on contributions to pension plans for every $1.00 they pay out in salary. ECCFD may well be the most egregious in California in terms of pension contribution debt ratio, but as we noted in our piece yesterday about the San Ramon Fire District’s wildly inflated salaries, ECCFD are far from the worst off overall.

Of course, Fire Districts across California refuse to let go of the lucrative retirement deals they’ve secured for themselves – to the detriment of the rest of the state – and will constantly be looking for ways to reduce the contributions that they and their firefighters must make to their own retirements. In Costra Conta, two tax measures have failed in the past decade aimed at doing just that.

Here in Humboldt County, we had AFD’s failed measure from the most recent election cycle:

!UPDATE! THC WINS!! Arcata Fire District Ripoff heading towards doom!

Shucks, the firefighters of East Costra Conta are so desperate to continue funding the ludicrously massive payouts they will receive in retirement that they have even targeted money normally allocated to schools to be requisitioned for their own uses. That’s right – the fire district is now trying to steal from school children after they couldn’t convince the public to agree to higher taxes. From the article:

As the East Bay Times recently reported, ECCFD have prevailed upon the Oakley City Council to endorse an increase the district’s allocation [of the 15 ad valorem tax paid by property owners], which is now 7.5%.  Other area officials are less supportive. Six school superintendents have written their own letter opposing the change. Each dollar of new revenue for ECCFD under a reallocation would reduce the amount of tax revenue available to the school districts, cities and other special districts within ECCFD’s area:  it is truly a zero-sum game.”

As salaries continue to climb, and as the drain on the AFPD’s resources continue to get depleted by retirees, what do you think that they will come after in our own community? Money for schools? Money for other essential services that the big egos in the fire house determine are less important than their own services?

We’ll have to see.

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4 Responses to How your fire safety services are screwing you!

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    You’re not alone….I’d suggest checking out the Howard Jarvis people…they got Prop 13 enacted so property taxes can’t be raised to pay for everything other people want….and they’re always ready to jump in and file a lawsuit if they think something’s going on that’s not right. There’s a lot of good, factual reading…and the current head of the association is a practicing lawyer.
    Here’s the link:
    Some opinion pieces:
    OPINION: Borenstein: CalPERS, unions deceiving public about pensions
    OPINION: Why California cities and counties should act scared by pension payments
    Press Release): HJTA Lowers The Boom On Ukiah For Misleading Taxpayers


    • Sheesh…as if Sundberg’s shitty decision making on Humboldt County matters wasn’t enough, now all of California gets to benefit from this P.O.S.’s self-interest and over-inflated ego. Our sincere apologies to the rest of California.


      • Arcatan says:

        I have to agree that this is not the best of choices. Sundberg has taken the definition of petulance and entitlement to news heights.


  2. Mac Towner says:

    Gubinor Brown just showed how low he will stoop to cater to political correctness. I just heard the Brown appointed Stupidvisor Sundberg to the Coastal Commission. What a complete waste. We now have another commissioner with his finger in the political wind rather than someone with the backbone to make the kind of decisions our state actually needs. We may be done with Brown soon but we will be stuck with Sundberg for years and years of really poor decisions..


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