THC: Anonymous blowhards, according to you!

Well folks, the results are in, and it’s official: we are Anonymous Blowhards.

Of course, since we are practically infallible, we have no other option but to accept this as a huge compliment from the public, and we assure you that we shall wear the mantle even more proudly and loudly than before.

Although, in our heart of hearts, we do wish more of you had hopped on the crazy old drunk truth-telling uncle bandwagon. That’s how we picture ourselves in our dreams, at the very least.

We sincerely wanted to accompany this joyously jubilant announcement with some pictoral entertainment for you, but we received yet another lesson on the depraved depths of the internet when we Googled “anonymous blowhard” images. We’d advise against you searching for it…until you can be sure that mom isn’t looking over your shoulder.

Thanks again for playing in this edition of THC Poll – we’ll be back soon with another edition for you.


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16 Responses to THC: Anonymous blowhards, according to you!

  1. Uri Driscoll says:

    Don’t be sad my dear drunk uncle. It doesn’t matter what others think about you as long as there is another Mikes in the fridge and more truth to be told.
    When you want to start your recovery I’ll buy you a Blarney Stoner or two at Gabriel’s. Got a story for you anyway.


  2. Marie says:

    I find it hilarious that Loco is name calling and degrading other bloggers. The only time Loco was ever worthwhile was when Kym Kemp was there.


  3. John Chiv says:

    John (anon), facts are not digs. I have no reason to be jealous of a failing Humboldt experiment that only anonymous fools like you follow. Nor do I do I need Daddy Patrick and Lost Coast Communications to exist. Considering how much you fools jump on every comment I make, must be LOCO and you threatened by others’ success.

    The only blowhards are LOCO. LOCO is a legend only in their bong filled reality.


    • John Chiv, Please be advised that we have received a note from someone purporting to represent the actual John XXXXX stating that the comments attributed to him are not in fact his. We do not know this person and have no way to verify this so we are not taking the comments down. We do however want you to be aware of this potential misrepresentation. If we receive a verifiable note from John XXXXX we will take action at that time. Thanks for everyone’s understanding. Cheers!


      • John Chiv says:

        THC, I actually do know the real John XXXXX. I believe you have received two verifications and now I am telling you that in no way or shape the real John XXXXX would make such comments about me. I understand freedom of speech but it is only your blog where anons repeatedly make the same accusations about me. The damage is done. I appreciate you taking coments down but that is always, after the fact. I cannot tell you how to run your blog but many of these comments about me border on libelious remarks and obviously you changed john anon so I will either edit my replies or delete them later since the real John XXXXX does not deserve some coward using his identity. Even the Tuluwat has decency to moderate better. I have no beef with THC but it only your blog where certain people feel they can attack every time I comment. The least you could do is moderate the very first time someone comments to discourage such behavior. Anonymous speech has it’s legal limits.


      • John,

        You are absolutely correct that there are losers out there who attempt to unfairly attack you personally as well as others. We jump on them as quickly as we are made aware. Inappropriate comments do show up occasionally and that is the hazard of an open forum. Tuluwat and others resolve this by the use of heavy moderation and posting delays. We have elected not to pursue that level of freedom limiting censorship. We do agree that there is a trade off. To be honest in this case we didn’t even think about editing your comments after we modified the fake ones. We will take a look asap. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. Cheers!


  4. John Chiv says:

    Also John (Anon), unless you have the guts to use your real name, say anything to my face, what you claim is just troll bait. Which is why you are here.
    Using your real name could expose one to legal action which is why most of these comments against me are fake like you. In your case above, you are just a troll. How do we know you are not associated with LOCO? Go hang out in the toiletdome with your other LOCO buddies with multiple personalities.


  5. John Chiv says:

    Yikes, must have hit a nerve with the proggies and lefties with you being exposed. Or it could be those developers/faux democrat/businessmen who play dirty. Either way troll, you are a coward, sexist, homophobe, transphobe. You have no legit argument. The only meltdown is that you cannot control your nastiness being exposed. If you were not scared, you would not attack. I had a bit of free time but now responding to you is just boring.


  6. John Chiv says:

    THC, thank you for understanding and letting me vent. I cannot edit my comments since I did not sign into Word Press but you have changed the anon except for my last comment, which is fine.

    At this point, we both should get back to what we do best, inform the public.


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