On today’s episode of “No shit!” – HSU student had been drinking when he drove through HSU sign

THC doesn’t always jump on the most common news  items of the day, because there are plenty of other places that you can get the scoop on the more mundane issues of the day.

Occasionally, however, a piece of ground-breaking reporting will make the rounds that we just have to piggy back on.

Enter this piece by the LoCO, in which it is revealed that – *gasp* – the HSU student  that plowed through the HSU sign had been drinking when it happened!

HSU Student Had Been Drinking Before Driving Through University Entrance Sign; No Field Sobriety Tests Were Issued, According to UPD Traffic Report

To which those of us at THC, and probably every single other person who read the original story, must say “No shit!”

We know it’s been a little slow on the news front lately, but come on. When LoCO Thunderdome commenters are correctly calling out the kid for DUI months ago, you’d think there’s not much to the story. THC does eagerly anticipate the LoCO’s follow-up story which reveals precisely what nasty things the sign said about the unnamed students mother to justify such a brash incident of revenge.

However, it is interesting to note that while UPD officers who responded to the incident were aware the kid had been drinking, they conducted no sobriety tests and the student was not arrested for DUI. That type of preferential treatment must be fantastic! THC agrees that, even 20 years ago when a few of us were still in college, there’s no way we’d have gotten off scot-free for a DUI crash through a damn university sign.

Whoever this young student/snowflake/bane-of-university-signs is, he’s luckier than hell. (Before you hop on the “snowflake” hating train, please know that each and every one of us at THC considers ourself a snowflake – at least, mommy tells us we are every night before bed.)

Or, on second thought, is the kid in question so lucky? Here’s a quote from UPD Chief Peterson, as it appeared in the LoCO article:

I’ve been a cop outside of the campus environment and within, and I think there is definitely a part of our strategic plan to foster student success,” Peterson said. “We deal with people a little different now then we would have 10 or 15 years ago. There’s more focus on de-escalation and crisis intervention. We definitely have a different take, the environment is a little different and we look out for students, absolutely. They are our constituency group.”

What’s the lesson here? Forge yourself a student ID for when you’re drinking and driving around HSU, and be sure to wave at the consequences of your actions as you bypass them.


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2 Responses to On today’s episode of “No shit!” – HSU student had been drinking when he drove through HSU sign

  1. Rusty says:

    How different the story would be if the student had plowed through people first. The student got off this time they won’t next time, and there will be a next time.


  2. Lynn Mae says:

    Hmmm…a few questions come to my mind.
    First of all who insures the HSU physical facilities? Do they self insure or do they
    have insurance coverage? (I’m really hoping they’re not self-insured because that
    could lead to, well, much worse things).
    So let’s say the campus is insured. Did they file a claim so they could pay to have the
    damage repaired?
    Now it becomes like one of those diagrams where it starts simple and then give two options and those options offer more (often leading back to a previous one).
    Yes, they filed a claim with the insurance company
    What does the insurance company do? They want to know who was responsible for the damage so they can claim against the driver’s insurance or other assets so that someone pays, not the insurance company.
    No, they didn’t file a claim with the insurance company.
    Did they explain why not? If they did not explain why they didn’t file a claim, why are they hiding this? And better yet, who made that decision?
    I’m sorry. I can’t just leave those questions hanging, hoping someone will try to answer them. So I guess the someone is me.
    I forgot that when it comes to really big companies or places like universities, it’s not insurance, it’s Risk Management. Which means there is a company or companies that manages their risks for them with….(ahem), insurance.
    And this is overseen by HSU Administrative Affairs
    “The office of Administrative Affairs provides administrative support, project management, business analysis, contract services and management, risk management, and facility management” but it then goes on to add: “through cost-effective, sustainable planning efforts through our construction and maintenance services. We strive to promote a safe and secure campus environment through the coordinated efforts of the University Police Department.”
    So an answer that is not an answer.
    So now the question is, will the UPD inform the press if the insurance coverage for the uncited driver in question paid for the repairs to the damage or did the university’s insurance (sorry, risk management) carrier pick up the bill? Which is to say, did the tax payers pay for the actions of one not certifiably drunk individual AGAIN?
    I really, really hope the parents of this indulged student have to eat the insurance and that their risk management people increase the coverage on the offspring so that he is made to understand that stupidity has its consequences. Or maybe the parents will blame the accident on the structure that was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the son did not wrong.
    I also wonder if along with the kinder, gentler approach the UPD takes if they have counseling, maybe community service, alcohol/drug education courses required? Isn’t that what they call a diversion, outside in the real world?
    THAT is information that should be shared with the public at large since the Univ. has taken it on themselves to be judge, jury and pardoner while we lesser mortals must take what the regular justice systems metes out.


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