Supervisors give affordable housing lip-service; what are they actually doing about the bigger problem?

THC was sifting through our stack of un-read Times-Standard papers (used primarily as fire starters to warm up our sweet new spot under the bridge) last night when we came across an article that mentions that the Board of Supervisors are allocating a whopping $100,000 to subsidizing rent for the elderly and some vulnerable homeless or mentally unstable folks. Here’s a link to the article in question: Board of Supervisors set to fund Eureka low-income housing

Which, don’t get us wrong, is fantastic. It’s not the first time that the Super-Stupes™ tossed a few bucks towards the facility, as mentioned in the article, and it’s great that a whopping 16 units are being partially funded this way.

Notice anything else conspicuous about the articles mention of housing subsidies or housing strategies? That’s right  – it ends right then and there.

Which made THC think – what the heck is going on with the County and City efforts to up the housing options for the homeless here in Humboldt?

Sure, it was easy for them to tout how successful Betty Chinn’s container resort was, and the press was chock-full of stories about how private organizations like the Rescue Mission and other charitable organizations opened more beds to harbor folks suffering in harsh weather conditions. Please note how both of those efforts are led by private organizations – ever since the City of Eureka gave the Chinn Foundation funds for containers, there hasn’t been a darn thing of any value.

But, nearly a year after the County and City paid Focus Strategies to come up with a big plan to end homelessness it seems we’re still lacking something – a fricking strategy!

Quick internet searches don’t show anything substantive that the County has done recently, and frankly the City of Eureka has been inactive too.

THC would like to take this opportunity to remind you that housing options in this County are extremely limited – not just for the houseless, mentally ill, or impoverished – but for everyone. All the rent subsidies or rent controls in the world won’t give this community what it needs.

So what are we, as a community, left to believe when there’s no sign of encouraging housing on the horizon, and our elected officials are satisfied to trumpet the accomplishments of private organizations as their own? Why, that the County and the City of Eureka are just giving lip service to the major problems while effectively sitting on their asses and doing nothing. Yet again.

So, o them, we humbly say – build more housing, assholes. And to you, gentle reader, we say: call your representative and tell them you’re tired of inaction and them lying about how hard  they’re working to solve the problem.

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9 Responses to Supervisors give affordable housing lip-service; what are they actually doing about the bigger problem?

  1. Disillusioned says:

    Terrific point again Humb Conseq, Eureka and the Bd of Sups are doing Jack squat about the terrible homeless problems all around Eureka.

    They toss a few one-time bones to Betty Chin & the Rescue Mission who are doing all the real work (bless their hearts) and then the Supervisors & city council & City Manager try to take credit for it.

    WTF? Elected Progressives ain’t doing squat for the homeless.


    • You say so? says:

      The sups are progressives? That’s news to me?

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      • Arcatan says:

        No they are not progressives they only vote that way. What they are is conservatives that cater to the progressive caucus they are afraid won’t support them. In fact, the left will never support people like Bass and Sundberg but they will sure use their fear to manipulate them. Bass in particular will do flips to appease her enemies.


      • Shocked says:

        The Eureka City Council has a majority made up by so called progressives.


    • Shak says:

      They follow the UN blueprints, not the citizen’s. The UN wants all rural living to cease. Thousands of over priced, cheaply built, apartments await those who can afford them (government workers & refugees) in the chosen megacities down south.
      The infrastructure in Calif is corroded. The allotted 80% towards infrastructure has dwindled to below 2%. Dam the dams, take out whole towns. Damming the jobs, over taxing & over regulating & fining businesses is a planned agenda.
      Look at the whole, not the points. Add them up. Read the UN agenda 21-30-50 guidelines posted at the UN site and in their book.
      City officials don’t manage, they are being managed. On your tax dollar.


  2. Diamond says:

    There are plenty of rentals in Humboldt being predominately managed by one rental agency. They do not want to work with any Housing First agencies whatsoever! The well to do will be getting the housing they want. And the poor will be left on the street.

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  3. Rusty says:

    The “Poor” have plenty of rental opportunities provided, they don’t pack every methed out scumbag into it and run a 24/7 demolition party. Squires rents to them because they only care about cash flow. Put your money where your mouth is build some rentals, call “Housing First” load it up with the “Poor” and let us know how it works out for ya. Never mind we’ll see it on the news every few days untill it burns down.


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