(UPDATE) HAF, True North Organizing Network support meth dealers, demand local law enforcement break the law

As an added bonus (aka we totally forgot), here’s a link to the press conference video:

(VIDEO) Fear, Harassment, and Heartache: Latino Organization ‘Centro del Pueblo’ Speaks Out after Local Law Enforcement Collaborates with ICE

And here’s a link to the press release announcing the conference:

Latino Group to Hold Press Conference Demanding Local Law Enforcement Not Cooperate With ICE

Here’s our favorite quote from the release:

“The County must realize that local collaboration with ICE agents causes members of our community to not want to cooperate with local law enforcement.”

Uhh…telling an already nervous populace that the deportation bogey man is coming to get them isn’t helping things either, folks – way to resort to scare tactics to drum up support for your cause. But hey, that kind of maneuver is straight out of the HAF Political Action Committee Playbook, so it’s not a huge surprise.

Original story below:

It appears, as THC reported the other day, that HAF and True North weren’t satisfied with only stirring up the fears of the minority communities in Fortuna. Nope – they decided to use the massively misinterpreted use of ICE agents at the recent drug busts in a Fortuna and Hydesville as an opportunity to make fiery political statements condemning the involvement of multiple government agencies in disrupting crime and drug trafficking in Humboldt.

That’s right, Humboldt LEO’s: HAF and True North want to make sure the whole community knows that you are the bad guys for taking down drug dealers. Yep, you assholes; you should feel terrible for doing such a great service to our community. That’s why they are going to such great lengths to ensure that the whole County will fall for their emotional ploy, which completely ignores the reality of the arrests made and the involvement of ICE agents. THC hopes that their ridiculous tactics aren’t getting to the Latino community at large – at this point in time, the threat of deportation as a result of targeted action by either the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office or any LEO agency is no greater than it was before His Orangeness took over.

Now, if there had been some sort of deportation action taken at all in connection with the warrants being served and arrests made – though we assume that those arrested for drug trafficking and sales will be deported if they are in the country illegally – then HAF/True North/Centro del Pueblo then there may have been some justification for holding a “the government is coming to tear our families apart and deport everyone they see” type of press conference.

But, based on statements from the authorities (which THC is admittedly accustomed to taking with a grain of salt) there has been no alteration in the operations of ICE agents at all, and specifically not in this County.

From a LoCO article published this morning:

James Schwab, a spokesman with the agency [ICE] could not specifically state why ICE was here, but said firmly over the phone, “We do not conduct raids. We’re not here to disturb people or cause fear. All operations are targeted and a majority are crime-related.”

So why the fear-mongering?

Well, THC posits that it plays into the narrative that Humboldt Area Foundation has been working hard behind the scenes for years  to force down the throats of the Humboldt community. Certainly, Renee Saucedo has made a name for herself in this area championing the rights of the marginalized and the down-trodden since Patrick Cleary hand-picked her to lead True North Organizing Network. (Saucedo, officially, has left her post as True North’s head honcho.)

Now how about Saucedo and Centro del Pueblo’s intent to pressure local elected  officials into making policies that forbid local law authorities from cooperating with federal agencies? Umm…laughable. But also totally, totally illegal.

It’s just a real shame that HAF and all their henchmen seem to think that attacking local law enforcement over the fantastic job they did taking down drug dealers . Seriously, how can they justify their demand that local law enforcement not cooperate with ICE when they are not only legally obligated to do so, but when the involvement of ICE agents was for the benefit of properly communicating those who were arrested? Sounds to us like the Sheriff’s office was doing the suspects a favor in that regard.

Original story:

True North Organizing Network uses big drug bust, scare tactics to stoke fear in minority and local communities

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