HAF, True North Organizing Network support meth dealers, demand local law enforcement break the law

It appears, as THC reported the other day, that HAF and True North weren’t satisfied with only stirring up the fears of the minority communities in Fortuna. Nope – they decided to use the massively misinterpreted use of ICE agents at the recent drug busts in a Fortuna and Hydesville as an opportunity to make fiery political statements condemning the involvement of multiple government agencies in disrupting crime and drug trafficking in Humboldt.

That’s right, Humboldt LEO’s: HAF and True North want to make sure the whole community knows that you are the bad guys for taking down drug dealers. Yep, you assholes; you should feel terrible for doing such a great service to our community. That’s why they are going to such great lengths to ensure that the whole County will fall for their emotional ploy, which completely ignores the reality of the arrests made and the involvement of ICE agents. THC hopes that their ridiculous tactics aren’t getting to the Latino community at large – at this point in time, the threat of deportation as a result of targeted action by either the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office or any LEO agency is no greater than it was before His Orangeness took over.

Now, if there had been some sort of deportation action taken at all in connection with the warrants being served and arrests made – though we assume that those arrested for drug trafficking and sales will be deported if they are in the country illegally – then HAF/True North/Centro del Pueblo then there may have been some justification for holding a “the government is coming to tear our families apart and deport everyone they see” type of press conference.

But, based on statements from the authorities (which THC is admittedly accustomed to taking with a grain of salt) there has been no alteration in the operations of ICE agents at all, and specifically not in this County.

From a LoCO article published this morning:

James Schwab, a spokesman with the agency [ICE] could not specifically state why ICE was here, but said firmly over the phone, “We do not conduct raids. We’re not here to disturb people or cause fear. All operations are targeted and a majority are crime-related.”

So why the fear-mongering?

Well, THC posits that it plays into the narrative that Humboldt Area Foundation has been working hard behind the scenes for years  to force down the throats of the Humboldt community. Certainly, Renee Saucedo has made a name for herself in this area championing the rights of the marginalized and the down-trodden since Patrick Cleary hand-picked her to lead True North Organizing Network. (Saucedo, officially, has left her post as True North’s head honcho.)

Now how about Saucedo and Centro del Pueblo’s intent to pressure local elected  officials into making policies that forbid local law authorities from cooperating with federal agencies? Umm…laughable. But also totally, totally illegal.

It’s just a real shame that HAF and all their henchmen seem to think that attacking local law enforcement over the fantastic job they did taking down drug dealers . Seriously, how can they justify their demand that local law enforcement not cooperate with ICE when they are not only legally obligated to do so, but when the involvement of ICE agents was for the benefit of properly communicating those who were arrested? Sounds to us like the Sheriff’s office was doing the suspects a favor in that regard.

Original story:

True North Organizing Network uses big drug bust, scare tactics to stoke fear in minority and local communities

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7 Responses to HAF, True North Organizing Network support meth dealers, demand local law enforcement break the law

  1. Lynn Mae says:

    I saw the article from LoCO on FB, enough so I could see it was bs from the same associations.
    The good thing about seeing it on FB was the various groups involved were highlighted so I could click on them and go to their FB page and read about them.
    If I take a step back and look at how it all works, I can see it’s a beautiful set up. Everything’s handled through HAF so none of the other groups have to prove their legally charities or nonprofits. Bottom line, the only vetting they get is from the people who are enabling and using them. Sweet!
    And the from the Puebla people are also linked up with a group from Oakland and have a local branch (so it seems) of that group in Humboldt.
    Still thinking from the other side of the table (not my actual opinion): They’re setting it up just like the groups are shell companies…existing in name but not much substance, but allowing the parent to move money through them. I’m not saying that is actually what they’ve done…I have no proof…but shell companies are an offspring of the old shell game (where a confidence man would have three shells and one pea and kept moving the shells around while talking…but the shell you pick never has the pea under it. The hand is quicker than the eye.
    So with all the little activities that all these groups put on it would be difficult to know what was spent and for what…and by who and authorized by who.

    I occasionally play the lottery and a friend who understands money (although he doesn’t have any) told me if I won bit…start a church. Decide what sort of charitable work the church could do (or offer some service that a church might offer. The church address can be your home (I know that already. Near where I live two different houses are listed as churches…within a one mile radius!) and since the IRS can’t monitor churches, it’s then up to the AG and there’s lot of people who can help you file for a corporation so you’re legal. THAN the church claims the lottery winnings and pays no taxes. I don’t expect to win (well, I did win $10 one time), the odds are against it. But the friend said, it may not happen but if it does, protect yourself. I told him if it did I’d give him 10% to look after things for me, or more if he needed it.
    But if I could avoid taxes and be able to do what I wanted with money, well the system is set up so
    there’s not a lot of controls, especially if the person in charge knows how to work the system.
    However….don’t get the idea that I think all charities and nonprofits are dodgy or scams. No, not at all. I know some near me and I checked them out and that’s where my energy and money goes…

    So the protestors want the city/county/whoever to write up declarations that they will not do this or this but will do that and that…OK, SF declared itself a sanctuary city. Other places have as well.
    SF couldn’t be more blue if everyone dressed up like an extra in Avatar….it’s a solidly progressive city and I guess LA is doing much the same thing (very progressive mayor, even got Obama’s support for the mayor’s re-election) but Humboldt is not a place where the wild Celts paint themselves blue and run around espousing very liberal policies. No, most would have a few too many beers, get red in the face and speak their mind about what a city/county/whatever should be doing with taxpayer money and time, which is diddly squat since it doesn’t really look like it means much. If someone decides the laws have to be enforced, then all the petitions and local government promises will mean nothing. Unless there is money (ha!) and manpower to make that certificate of ‘we care’ mean something, it’s just a waste of time.
    Do the locals want to see the undocumented people forced to leave? Not if they’re working, law-abiding people, no. But if they’re like any of the jewels of humanity that appear on LoCo with a list of the bad things they’ve done…then yes. Get them the hell out of here, we have enough lowlifes of our own.
    There was a joke back in the 60s: President Johnson declared a War on Poverty. Problem is, Poverty won.
    That’s what some of this ‘support the poor immigrants’ organizing reminds me of. I knew people who went into the Peace Corp (rather than get drafted). They said it was organized. Didn’t always make sense, accomplished some things, didn’t accomplish others…but it was organized so you knew what you were supposed to do. And it worked.
    From the picketing and marches and demonstrations what I do not see is real organization. Like trying to hit a target 500 yards away with buckshot. Makes a lot of noise, sounds impressive. Hit anything you were aiming at? Nope. Big zero. What the various sub-groups under HAF are good at is getting media attention of one kind or another. Has anyone ever done a survey to see how effective they are, if the ‘general public’ remembers them from one protest to another or understands what they actually want and what they’re doing and if the public supports them? Oh, sorry I asked….another question with no answer. oh well.


  2. Holy crap THC, one sentence, you and I completely different takes. Read this again…

    “We do not conduct raids. We’re not here to disturb people or cause fear. All operations are targeted and a majority are crime-related.”

    “A majority are crime-related.”

    You have heard about what Her Trump is doing nation-wide right? You do know that ICE is a Federal agency and now under the authority of this new administration right?

    Do you understand what “a majority” means? It means at least 51%. Even with the protection of that statement, potentially 49% of operations are not crime-related. This very statement you use to condemn the actions of True North as “fear mongering” itself indicates vulnerable communities have good reason to be afraid/b> Do you not think that this is exactly the time good-willed citizens should be organizing WITH groups like True North to protect a vulnerable community against this national administration?

    Turns out that if, as Lynn Mae says, we all see people, documented or not as people our community welcomes as welcome (“Do the locals want to see the undocumented people forced to leave? Not if they’re working, law-abiding people, no.”) Then we do need organizations to help protect the innocent.

    Obviously from your title, you don’t care much about protecting the innocent from the wider drag nets. This of course would be used against the very people against whom your crusade must continue.

    Even though this is the exact reason why organizations and foundations of Humboldt’s diverse community SHOULD be doing what it can to support groups like True North. Who else is out there to help our guests who have limited social safety net and legal support from official channels.

    Keep digging THC, I think if you do you’ll continue to find out your crusade has more to do with differentiating “real” people from those who don’t meet that designation than you think.


  3. Shak says:

    Congressman Duncan Hunter is abiing by the Constitution. He will request all govt agencies to verify their jurisiction is following the Law of the Land in regards to Immigration. He will not fund them if they defy the Law. That’s his duty, he holds the purse strings.
    Governor Brown requested 100 billion dollars for roads & emergency relief, then turned his back on the Law and potentially lost it. He will blame those who uphold the Constitutional Law.
    Huffman is also a holder of purse strings. He is blaming Sessions for all woes to come our way, despite knowing full well that it is Congress who makes laws, not the courts, not the President, not the foreigners, not the cabinent, .. but congressional lawmakers like himself.
    Something wonky there.
    You’re on a roll THC! Keep up the good work!
    Astroturfers suck us dry.


  4. Rusty. Apologies if I’m missing your point but I have a reading disorder where I only recognize the first several words in a sentence. I read your first and second sentences thusly….

    “Congressman Duncan Hunter is abiing by the Constitution. He will request all govt agencies to verify their jurisiction is following the Law of the Land “

    OMG! Finally. Maybe now it’s time to get on board with the Republican agenda. Does this mean we are finally gong to stop the eco-disaster that is happening right before our Google-Earth eyes? Can we final enforce the federal laws against cannabis that wreak havoc on our local environment, our local politics, our local communities, not to mention our economy or public safety. White mom and pop cannabis growers we are finally coming after you and your law breaking, property value enriching ways, as we are finally going to start enforcing those laws Congress passed. Huzzah!

    And it is great to know we finally have the support of our local right of center community in support LE in their work against those that break the laws. It would have been nice to have your support in 2010.

    Thank God for Congressman Duncan Hunter Jr. and his commitment to federal law and order. God bless the man!


  5. Just Watchin says:

    It’s the Russians. It’s has to be the Russians….


  6. Rusty says:

    Jon, Your disorder extends to who you are actually so cleverly replying to.


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