True North Organizing Network uses big drug bust, scare tactics to stoke fear in minority and local communities

Did ya hear about the big ol’ drug bust carried out in Fortuna and Hydesville?

You can check the press release, straight from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, over at the Times-Standard by following this link: Two arrested with multiple narcotics during drug bust

Did you read those numbers? Sounds like a lot of hooch that was confiscated, in THC’s estimation. So, what should the message to the greater community in Humboldt – minority or majority, liberal or conservative, law-abiding or criminal – be in this case?

If you guessed, “Huzzah, we got those drug-slanging criminals before they could do further damage to our community! Good job for once, authorities! Up with hope, down with dope!” – well, you’d be dead wrong.

True North Organizing Network – Patrick Cleary’s political lovechild over at Humboldt Area Foundation – was quickly on the scene with one of their organizers, Fernando Paz, to decry the ways in which the Humboldt County Drug and Task Force, the Sheriff’s Office, and ICE agents were storming through neighborhoods and removing people from their homes.

Of course, none of that is true – but it still managed to find its way into print. However, even after fruitlessly searching for a victim to connect with legal services  due to their imagined danger of deportation, Paz is still using True North’s weight to organize a press conference outlining the rights of people facing deportation. Which is all great – educate away, THC says – but misrepresenting the recent drug-arrest incident as something that will be used to galvanize anti-ICE, anti-Sheriff’s office sentiment is pretty darn low. One might even say willfully negligent.

The LoCO piece, by Ryan Burns, which looks at the “fear-inducing” tactics of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force and the supporting ICE agents can be found here: Drug Task Force Arrest Triggers Fears of Deportation

Of course, the fears of people who may be subject to deportation are very real, and not the type of thing THC would belittle. However, it is absolutely despicable to use an instance in which law officers and authorities are doing their job – and doing it well, rationally, and with restraint – to stir up the fears of an already agitated populace. Ridding our crime and drug plagued County of drug dealers is something to be celebrated by all members of our communities (except drug dealers, we guess?) – and not something to be used as an opportunity to contribute further to a sense of mistrust between authorities and a community that, believe it or not, are also served and aided by law officers and government agencies.

As you could tell from reading the press release over at the Times-Standard, there were no arrests made due to illegal status and no deportation actions were taken at all during this arrest – but True North Organizing is more than happy to use this chance to create as much of a firestorm as possible because it aligns with their mission to portray such legal and justified actions as evil.

Grandstanding on the evils of immigration policy while using this instance as a prop is misleading to the people who are in fear, the reporting of the facts is downright inaccurate, and the whole affair is indicative of the fact that True North (and HAF, by extension) are willing to obfuscate the facts and even resort to fear tactics aimed at the people they are claiming to help in order to frame the political perceptions of the Humboldt community. Shame!

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7 Responses to True North Organizing Network uses big drug bust, scare tactics to stoke fear in minority and local communities

  1. Rusty says:

    Beautifully written. THC is island of sanity in a sea of libprog lunatics.


  2. Lynn Mae says:

    I agree with the praise but I don’t see True North as libprogs, I see them as people who have (in true capitalistic fashion) created their own enterprise which is making a job which plays on other peoples’ supposed prejudice.
    ‘We are oppressed’, ‘We demand our rights’, and so on.
    Back in the 60s in San Francisco when real people were trying to contribute to positive changes (not based on any political parties or programs), there were always those who just wanted to make money off it.
    All the scams, deals and great ideas that were perpetuated because why wouldn’t a black man want to help his people and if he just needed to borrow your car to help a sister who had to go to the hospital, well, you might well do it. And then find out the ‘brother’ had used it to make a dope deal, got busted and your car was seized. Sorry….
    Word got around (I lived in the Haight part of the time) and all someone had to say was ‘stay away from him (or her), he’s a professional ____’ (a word common then, without insult but forbidden now).
    And boy, there were so many actually good ideas that got co-opted by a ‘professional’ who would question your prejudices to get you to agree with him and his plan.
    And when the Native Americans occupied Alcatraz, the land-based center was near where I lived so I took useful items there to donate and there were sincere people there…and then there were the professional Red Men. (refused to use the term Native American, ‘I am a Red Man’ was more of an in-your-face confrontation ploy designed to bring cow the person who only wanted to help a little…who genuinely sympathized even if they weren’t the right color.
    And that is how I see the True North spiel. They’ll wear whatever protective coloring it takes to get the support and financing they want….liberal? They can do that! Progressive? Well they’ve been progressive longer than forever. Conservative? They’re conservative about the ‘right’ things…things they won’t specify but which they’ll persuade you that they’re views you both share.
    But at the bottom, they always focus on A PLAN. Support for their PLAN will make bad things go away and good things return. And everyone will benefit. Especially them. Because they’ll have money and influence and the great pleasure of having once again put something over on someone.
    Humble for themselves but proud of the people they (claim to) represent. Practiced in deceit, schooled in double-talk and smarmy when it’s required. Experienced in getting innocent younger people or insecure women to help them with the idea that he will help them implied. But not delivered. Those kind of people remind me of the song by the Who:
    “Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again”

    Whether it’s right wing or left wing or no wing or whatever, it’s all smoke and mirrors designed to separate you from your money or what you value.
    I still have a mental image of the last march for immigrants (they were on a normal road, nothing downtown, some signs, maybe a homemade banner…and what looked like tired people trying to
    be positive because they thought what they were doing would matter, would help. And it didn’t.
    He took their time, their energy, their hopes and gave them only false promises. I don’t have to know someone like that to dislike and despise them. Just another piety-mask wearing parasite,
    living off other people problems and hopes. End of rant.


  3. Rusty says:

    They’re libprogs running a non profit organization raising money to push a political agenda and fund there administrative salaries. Figured that out when I got my first HAF year end review 20 odd years ago. Are they liberal, progressive or conservatives? ……….No there are Crooks.


  4. Back in the 60s in San Francisco when real people were trying to contribute to positive changes


    Fernando Paz, por favor, “politics” es solememte por las personas real.


  5. jmms says:

    True North strikes again. Wish they’d head south and stay there. HAF needs to detach from this group permanently. Thank you Humboldt Consequential.


  6. Shak says:

    This ladie’s explanation of astroturfing complements your well written article.


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