Leaked Humboldt Area Foundations reveal strategy to avoid charter, subvert funds for political gains

The Humboldt Consequential has obtained a shocking document from a source with insider knowledge of the political workings of Humboldt Area Foundation. Though the document itself is short, the ramifications of the political strategy employed Patrick Cleary and his organization are far-reaching.

The document in question:

haf-flow-chartUnfortunately for Humboldt County residents who value the work of community organizations who follow their mandates without subverting donated money for political ends, it is clear that HAF has been utilizing this simple yet effective method to inject their own political leanings into our area for quite some time.

From the numerous protests that HAF has aided, or orgaized via agents of HAF, to the use of HAF funds to canvass on behalf of political candidates, the strategy revealed in HAF’s flow-chart to subvert Foundation funds is clearly apparent. These activities are occurring without approval of the HAF Board, in violation of their charter, and without benefit to the community.

Of particular note is the manner in which Patrick Cleary – along with whatever political tool he opts to use – completely bypasses both the HAF Board of Directors and the tenets of the organizations charter en route to utilizing the Foundation’s funds to facilitate political activities throughout Humboldt County.

THC felt it imperative that the flow-chart be published as soon as possible in order to help protect communities outside of Humboldt . Clearly, for Humboldt County, it is too late to completely halt the ill-effects of such a disingenuous strategy on our communities. However, armed with this new knowledge, we can hopefully take some steps to end the influence of HAF on our daily lives.

With the leak of sensitive political strategy documents from HAF, it would appear that electronic subterfuge is on the rise in Humboldt County. It now seems almost certain that the recent Russian hacking of THC’s Biggest Asshole Award is not an isolated incident.

(More on THC’s B.A. hacking here: BREAKING: Russian hacking, HAF behind Cleary’s sudden win in THC’s Biggest Asshole Competition)

It is, of course, a shame that our source at HAF chose to remain anonymous. Surely, their name would be remembered alongside the great whistle-blowers and snitches in our nation’s proud history – names like Snowden, Manning, and Virginia Bass.

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2 Responses to Leaked Humboldt Area Foundations reveal strategy to avoid charter, subvert funds for political gains

  1. Do better says:

    Your (tiny, Trump hand-sized) boner for Humboldt Area Foundation is super entertaining and informative. #alternativefact


  2. Shocked says:

    Did you hear that the group Humboldt Transition had a anti Trump meeting & potluck on the 15th at the Humboldt Area Foundation headquarters? Isn’t this against IRS non profit rules?


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