Too stupid to succeed: the County Counsel’s office loses another one!

No, too stupid to succeed was not referring to Trump. Or Virginia Bass, either.

We’re talking – yet again! – about the simply horrendous track record of the County Counsel for Humboldt.

As you’ve probably read elsewhere (numerous links to articles from other local sources at the end of the post), a Deputy County Counsel named Blair Angus was not only a total dick to an ailing gentleman and his wife, but she was also completely out of touch with the law. It’s a sickening case, all around.

But the underlying story here isn’t just Angus’ screw up – it’s the fact that our County Counsel’s office is apparently run by people more stupid than our Board of Supervisors. Or people who are maybe taking legal advice from Fabulously Idiotic Five themselves.

THC was hopeful that things would change under the new leadership of Jeffrey Blanck, but we were wrong. Guess we kinda called it way back when, though: County Counsel’s Office gets Blancked

Here’s another flashback post that looks at the County Counsel’s terrible track record – it’s a gem, and we worked really hard on that score board by the way.

Lawsuits: County 0, Everyone Else 103 (with pictures!)

Between the County Counsel’s Office, and the City of Eureka’s Counsel office, we’re not sure which legal body is more of a failure. We are sure that both of them just love getting embarrassed in court, and wasting our tax money too.

Maybe they should sue each other – it might be the only way of ensuring that at least one of them comes out on top.

More on the matter from elsewhere:

Chiv: Losing three times and being humiliated nationally already, Humboldt County Counsel sets themselves up for 4th defeat; Deputy County Counsel Blair Angus being investigated by State Bar

NCJ: ‘Profoundly Disturbing’

LoCO: State Supreme Court Refuses to Depublish Scathing Ruling Against County in Adult Protective Services Case

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3 Responses to Too stupid to succeed: the County Counsel’s office loses another one!

  1. EMB says:

    Blair Angus is a she.


  2. EMB says:

    She’s a wee little Scottish woman, was a public defender for a number of years so I can’t say this case surprises me. Keep up the good work, THC!


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