New Council Member Allison pledges to screw City of Eureka over, give fire fighters even more lucrative contracts

Just a couple hours after being sworn in as a City Council member, new-comer Austin Allison gave us all an extremely clear view of where his priorities lie when it comes to doing business for the City of Eureka.

When it came time, at the City Council meeting on December 13, 2016, to assign Council members to various boards and commissions, there was only one that Allison really wanted to be on. It was the Joint Powers Authority for Humboldt Bay Fire Authority – and Allison wanted to be on the JPA so that he could get the firefighters more money from the City.

Both Allison and fellow Council freshie Heidi Messner desired to get on board for negotiating with the HBFA. Of course, as we know from Highlander, there can be only one.

So how did the titans of intellect that comprise Eureka’s Council elect to decide on the member who would be appointed to the JPA? With a frickin’ coin flip!

You can watch the full meeting here: Eureka City Council Meetig 2016-12-13 (Allison’s comment below begins at 3:45:06)

Anyway, here’s Allison’s comments from the City Council meeting:

So, uh, for the JPA for Humdoldt Bay Fire Authority, I’d like to just say that as a union member of NUHW, um, I’m pretty well-versed in contract negotiations with my union, and I think I could be very helpful to other fire fighters in contract negotiations and helping them move forward with good contracts.”

Uh…helping the firefighters get better contracts? That ain’t your job, Austin.

When the genius of City of Eureka management, Greg Sparks, clarified that the negotiations were on behalf of management, aka the City and the taxpayer money they’ll be forced to give up, Allison insisted his vast wealth of experience would be of great help to an already cash-strapped city.

This was the look on Frank Jaeger’s face when he heard Allison take such a vocal and unequivocal stand against the City he was elected to represent, with the intent of ensuring fire fighters get paid even more.

"I dream of Ciarabellini"

Oh, you’re wondering just how sweet of a deal the HBFA’s fire fighters and employees already get? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a link to the current MOU between HBFA and the City of Eureka: Humboldt Bay Fire Authority MOU

It’s a lot to wade through, but pay special attention to the overtime section. It is the overtime policies that really, really f*** the rest of us tax payers over.

And here’s another link, which will take you to the pay for firefighters and HBFA employees from 2014: HBFA Compensation – 2014

Here’s something interesting about that list: of the 24 listed employees, 7 of them make under $100,000 per year in total compensation. By comparison, 17 of them take in over $100,000. And that number has only gone up since. Yikes. Remind us again…what part of their contract is bad, Mr. Allison?

Although, maybe we are reading too much into this since the NUHW employee contracts aren’t nearly as lucrative as the current MOU for firefighters. So THC supposes there’s a chance Allison won’t be able to screw us too much more than we already are.

But, we also shudder to think what Allison could possibly mean by getting these firefighters better contracts. Their contracts are already ludicrously lucrative, and will assuredly go up even without Allison’s asinine help. THC wonders – when reflecting on Allison’s comments in his very first Council meeting – just what side he’s working for, and whether he will truly have Eureka’s best interests at heart.

Early indications are that Allison does not, and nor does he have the experience to conduct business favorable to the City rather than to whatever ideals he holds.


Allison should go ahead and get schooled just like this guy! (new version!)

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19 Responses to New Council Member Allison pledges to screw City of Eureka over, give fire fighters even more lucrative contracts

  1. Shocked says:

    So why did the City Council Boy want to get in a position to help out the firefighters so badly and wasn’t interested in any other committees?

    Maybe because his campaign manager is married to one and he owes her his election?


  2. some guy says:

    Technically they’re at the behest of the voters, yes? So those 20% pay raises for polishing trucks 6 hours a day are going to come from the next bond measures, or they cut staff.

    And what experience does this kid have in contract negotiations? Watching youtube videos? Maybe sat in an annual meeting with whatever union he claims to be part of? This one’s out of your league Allison. Let someone with actual expertise work on that one, and keep the conflict of interests off your plate at the same time.


  3. I agree with you on this. Austin’s loyalty as a Council Member is first to his town. I don’t think their is anything in that statement that says he won’t put Eureka, and it’s workers first. Our employees deserve a “good” contract, don’t you think or would you rather they have a “bad” contract?

    We all voted for a City Councilmember whose interests are not narrow. As a union member he understands the importance of unions to a strong middle class and a strong California economy. (we we have under Democratic leadership, please see the premise of your previous post) He, like you, like me, also want to fight for a strong middle class, but if you follow the policies of Republicans, or con-artists posing as Republicans,you are going to get a race to the bottom with an agenda driven by platitudes all the way until those platitudes begin to contradict one another.

    It’s really simple. Your post is really about about lowering wages or benefits in the interests of those who have money or employees. It serves the dual conservative platitudes of lowering public expenditures and lowering the bar for wages for all other private employees around the county. We have proven over the pasts 40 years that this is a guarantee to destroy a strong middle class in the wealthiest nation on earth.

    Here, take a look at what happens to labor when Republicans rule in red states such as Kentucky.

    Host: Are you anti-union?

    Speaker Hoover: No. Not at all.

    Host: So let me ask you this. If that’s the case, why ban union donations to political groups? If it’s the case that now people don’t have to pay dues … then why can’t the dues they pay be used for politics?

    Speaker Hoover: Because that employee should have that choice …

    Host: They will. They don’t have to pay the dues. You all have made it so they don’t have to pay dues now. So for the ones who want to pay dues, why can’t they be used for politics?

    Speaker Hoover: They can pay dues.

    Host: Then why can’t they be used for politics? Why can’t those dues be used for politics?

    Speaker Hoover: Well …

    Host: I think you’re having it both ways here.

    Speaker Hoover: I see what you’re saying. That is a valid argument.

    THC and Shocked, I can’t wait to find out what you, your parents, your spouses, your one-day campaign managers earn their money so we may know what your particular “blind spots” may be.


  4. Grandma says:

    Those firefighters work harder than anyone in this town, period


  5. jtimmons88 says:

    Austin was elected to represent ALL the people, including Union members. There’s no issue.

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  6. Just Watchin says:

    Trump was elected to represent ALL citizens, including the wealthy ones. I’m glad we’ve reached an agreement on that. MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


    • That’s why he was elected, I agree. Sad thing is, he is going to govern solely for the rich. His cabinet, from what I heard, owns as much wealth as 30% of Americans. That’s over 100 million people JW. The rich are already doing very well, thank you very much, and don’t need special government programs to help them as markets and capital already give those with capital leverage and peer in our economy and society.

      If government also will be tilted to favor those with capital even more, then we we continue to erode the middle class, something AB THC was just lamenting a post or two ago.


    • Watchin says:

      All those fat pick pussys parading on Saturday are worried about defunding Planned Parenthood yet no one is fucking anyone of them anytime soon!


  7. Just Watchin says:

    I just saw where the local gynecologist blog, the Tulatwat Examiner, has come after you. Some people just Can’t Understand Normal Thinking….


  8. Just Watchin says:

    Watched the video of the meeting. The kid Allison comes off as a real doofus.


  9. Always interested says:

    Safe to assume that THC endorses Brian Mitchell over Ulansley for the Planning Commission?


  10. Observare says:

    Eureka wouldn’t be broke if California’s Landed Gentry weren’t grand-fathered into sweet sweet 1950s property tax rates on the coattails of the parents and grandparents. These landed gentry are effectively subsidized by the latecomers unfortunate enough to not have had relatives purchase land in earlier times so that they could inherit not only the land, but the tax breaks as well.

    You can’t run a city – or a nation – with tax payers who are paying 1950s tax rates and expecting 21st century municipal services. Leastways, you cant’ do so without violating the Thirteenth Amendment.

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    • spork says:

      You would be very wrong on that Observare. I know many people on the receiving end of those “tax breaks”. Guess what? Inheriting 100 or 1000 acres from family didn’t save a fucking one of them. The state came in the 70s and 80s after Prop 13 and got very, very creative how to collect money from those “land rich, cash poor” folks. Lots of people lost land and it’s now in the hands of the growers. The government created the problem and now we’re asking their kids to fix it? Yeah have fun with that.


  11. Still Laughing says:

    Rich Ames, Eureka Planning Commissioner to Allison at the joint Eureka City Council / Eureka Planning Commission meeting this week;

    “Mr Allison, you don’t know what you’re talking about”.


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